Overcome by Alexandra Burke, a quick review

Well, with a new series of X Factor already rolling, it’s time to start aggressively promoting the former winner’s new single. A track called Overcome has leaked onto the web, and although it’s not an official single, I thought we’d give it a quick review here.

Give the video above a whirl and tell us what you think. It certainly follows the strict criteria for any X Factor winner:

  • Trademark Ryan Tedder drumbeat (soundalike of Battlefield, Bleeding Love and Halo).
  • Inspirational chorus about overcoming stuff that can be used in infinite sappy video montages on X Factor and American Idol.
  • Er…that’s it, but the timing of a release will be perfect for a live performance on X Factor to promote it, but not late enough to clash with them for Christmas #1.

As for the song itself, the vocals are smoky and rich, as we’d come to expect from Alexandra. A little disappointing is the fact that they didn’t give her an uptempo song, since she was shaping up to be the dancefloor queen. I figured Simon Cowell and Fony BGM had a plan for Leona and Alexandra. Like they were Power Diva girls or something. Leona was Ballad Diva and Alex was primed to be Disco Diva.

Also, hot on the heels of Jordin Sparks’s Battlefield and the recent Ryan Tedder/Kelly Clarkson/Beyonce controversy, you’d think choosing a song that adheres to the Tedder Formula would be the last thing on their mind. That’s the problem with letting a big songwriter write for a number of major artists – everybody starts to sound the same.

Thanks to Ken over at The Beat Review (great music blog) for the scoop! Ken remarked on his blog:

“Overcome” is a good song but not that great, even though she may not impress ‘others’ with this, I’m sure there will be blood between Leona and Alex whenever they decide to release their materials close to each other.

I’ve done a bit of digging, and the next single to be released by Alexandra will be a collaboration between her and Flo Rida (our daggers are drawn already), so where Overcome fits into the grand scheme of things is anybody’s guess at the moment.

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