Oz: The Great And Powerful Review!

The prequel to the famous ‘Wizard of Oz’ has arrived at cinemas starring Michelle Williams, James Franco, Mila Kunis and Rachel Weisz. The story provides us with a magical journey that is spectacular in 3D.

The first Wizard of Oz film was made back in 1939, which was about Dorothy who finds herself in Oz and wants to go back home.  It has become a sensation with many musicals and other films being created. This new film however is a prequel to the story and focuses on Oscar Diggs (Oz) and how he ends up in the wonderful world of Oz. I saw this film in 3D and it was definitely an experience to remember.

The film begins in black and white with Oscar played by James Franco wooing a lady who is going to be his assistant. He performs a show in the circus where he manages to wow everyone. However, when a young girl asks him to help her to walk again, he is shown to be a fraud and after meeting with the true love of his life, he jumps into a hot air balloon and thinking he has escaped, he is suddenly pulled into a cyclone and he believes he’s going to die. These scenes are amazing in 3D as we see him hurtling around the cyclone.

When he falls he finds himself in a beautiful place he’s never seen before. As he stands in the river, we see a lady arrive and asks him who he is. When she finds out he’s called Oz, she explains theres a prophecy that Oz will arrive and save everyone. Theodora is played by Mila Kunis and she explains she is a witch.  They make their journey to the castle and he manages to save a flying monkey who then becomes his friend and promises he will stand by him whatever happens. He provides some funny moments and reminded me of Donkey in Shrek. Theodora falls deeply in love with Oz and thinks they will be together forever. When they arrive at the castle, we meet Theodora’s sister Evanora played by Rachel Weisz who shows him the gold he could have if he defeats the wicked witch.  He decides to go and try defeat the evil witch, but on the way he finds a destroyed village and meets a sweet little china girl who has broken her legs and her family has died. When Oz helps her by glueing her legs back on, she begs to go with him on his journey to defeat the witch. She is very sweet and provides some cute moments in the film.

 When the group get to the witch and try and break her wand she reveals herself to be a beautiful good witch called Glinda who is played by Michelle Williams, she also explains her father was killed. It turns out that Evanora is in fact an evil witch. When she tells Theodora that Oz left and that he didn’t care for her, she begs her to get rid of her pain. She makes her eat an apple which turns her into a wicked witch who wants to get revenge on Oz. There are some wonderful scenes of Glinda and Oz and his companions trying to get away and floating away in bubbles which Is great in 3D. Glinda tells Oz although she knows he is a con man he must tell the town he is the famous Oz they were hoping for to keep their spirits up. They believe him and he is shown his army who can’t fight but offer more skills such as cooking and building.  When the new evil Theodora arrives, she says that she will come back with the army and kill all the town’s people and first will kill Oz. The film moves forward with Oz and Glinda getting the people ready to overthrow the two evil witches and using his powers of illusion. The film’s fight scenes are really good and as I said before, if you get the chance to see it in 3D, you really should.

The film was very different to what I expected in a good way and James Franco played the part of the Wizard very well. Although he appeared selfish and a womanizer, there was a heart of gold in there and you could see this with his scenes with the china girl and his scenes with new love Glinda. I think he was a perfect choice for the part. I loved all three of the witches and they all brought something different to the movie. Rachel was really good as the evil witch, who pushes her sister too far and I think we can see she realises this. Mila was brilliant as the shy innocent turned evil witch and Michelle played the lovely witch very well. The monkey played by Zach Braff was really good and the china girl played the sweet girl very well. I thought it was good how you could connect some of the film to the Wizard of Oz.

I hear a sequel is already in the works which I’m excited to see. I think it’s a lovely family film that I highly recommend.


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