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aaron gibson

Halo 5: Guardians Review As someone who has dabbled in the Halo franchise but never actually …read more

The Ice Cream Girls- Who’s The Killer?

  The Ice Cream Girls is a three-part drama on ITV, based on the novel of the same name by Dorothy Koomson. With the final part on Friday, we will soon find out who really killed Marcus. The book by Dorothy Koomson was released back in 2010 with the same name and now the drama…

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Doctor Who: Do we really want to know the Doctor’s name?

The series 7 finale of Doctor Who is to be called “The Name Of The Doctor“. Steven Moffat is already hard at work teasing this episode, which will be the one which leads into the series’ 50th anniversary episode. Obviously Doctor Who has been the question baked right into the show’s title since it began…

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Doctor Who: Hide – episode discussion

Okay, I heard all your feedback on the other Doctor Who thread. But it seems ridiculous to have comments about a current episode on such an old thread, so I decided to create a thread here for Hide. I’ve got to be upfront with you all though – I’m hating the current season of Doctor…

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Saturday Night Takeaway- The Best Family Show On TV?

Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway is back on TV after four years with hilarious sketches, fooling celebrities and giving the audience a chance to win the Ads. The boys have managed to secure huge ratings for ITV. Have they found the secret to great Saturday Night TV in 2013? Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night…

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