Meet The Shout Team

Unreality Shout has a dedicated editorial team plus a number of blog contributors. To send a message to any of our writers, please use our contact form.

Gerard McGarryGerard McGarry (Editor): Gerard has been writing online since 2004. He's a keen music reviewer who likes to write about mainstream artists, but also loves to discover and share new music. On Shout, he also provides movie, TV and book reviews and he heads up the amazingly popular Doctor Who discussion group!

Jo CurtisJo Curtis: A writer and journalist for a number of years, Jo provides excellent television reviews of her favourite series and loves to share spoilers for upcoming shows that she's a fan of.

Lisa McGarryLisa McGarry: Lisa's a veteran reality TV reporter and obsessive celebrity gossip fan. Lisa provides Unreality Shout with her unique knowledge of all things X Factor and she's probably forgotten more about Simon Cowell than you'll ever know!


Jo Palmer: A fan of British television shows, Jo has shared her wonderful opinion pieces on current shows such as Waterloo Road, Candy Cabs and much more.

Su Philips: Su takes a much more local approach to her blogging - she's scored interviews with X Factor winner Matt Cardle's former band members about their latest project, and has brought details of local authors to Shout's book club.

OddOne: A music blogger who doesn't mince his words, OddOne has high standards when it comes to pop music. He's got an encyclopedic knowledge of contemporary pop and a glowing review from OddOne is high praise indeed!

TrueSatan: Scary name, but a very affable bloke. TrueSatan is a font of knowledge when it comes to Stateside dramas (especially of the sci-fi and fantasy kind). As well as being a knowledgeable commenters, he writes excellent reviews and draws your attention to lesser known shows that deserve your attention.