Paije Richardson sings Amy Winehouse on tonight’s X Factor

Yawn. I’m officially tired of Paije Richardson. Like a few of the other acts on [[The X Factor 2010|The X Factor]], he completely fails to excite me.

Paije is tackling Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black. Decent song, but not entirely in keeping with tonight’s theme. The vocals are flawless of course, but that’s not the thing. Nobody connects with Paije, and I don’t think he’s destined to win this.

Do you ever get the feeling on X Factor that there are certain contestants there simply to make up the numbers and keep the competition running? Paije is one of them. And like Belle Amie, I never find myself looking forward to his performances, they’re just something to be got out of the way before we get to the fun singers.

PS. His dancers look like candidates for cheapest Halloween costumes of the night. What pound shop did those things come from?

Judges’ Comments

  • Louis Walsh: Paije, it looks like you’ve come alive on that stage tonight. Every week you’re getting better. I love your style and I love your voice. All you need to do is get your confidence. You’ve got it all mister!
  • Dannii Minogue: Paije the song man is in the house! I absolutely loved it. I love all the riffs, the more the better. You had this audience on their feet. Your singing is brilliant, you’ve got style and you looked fantastic this week. 
  • Cheryl Cole: You do seem more and more confident as the weeks go by. You really let rip in parts of the song there. There’s no question or doubt you can sing really really well.
  • Simon Cowell: Love the attitude Paije. It’s like the contestants bite back this week. I like the fact that you’re turning into a big diva. Maybe a few too many riffs at the beginning of the song, but the second half was terrific.

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