Paije Richardson voted off X Factor. Cher Lloyd shares Bottom Two spot!

Despite giving two of the strongest performances of his X Factor run this weekend, Paije Richardson got voted off the show. He shared the bottom two spot with another shock placing – judges’ favourite Cher Lloyd.

Simon Cowell has this neat little trick – depending on who’s in the bottom two, he changes the criteria for who he wants to save. One week it might be “who I think is most popular with the public” and he’ll inexplicably select Katie Waissel. The next week it’ll be “who I think has the best chance of winning the show”. Or it might be “who I think is the better singer”.

Tonight, faced with losing Paije “Utterly Forgettable Until This Weekend” Richardson or Cher “Voice Of An Amateur Yodeller” Lloyd, he swung the criteria around yet again. It was “I’m going to save the person I’ve continually supported throughout this competition”. Of course, by doing that Simon was conveniently ignoring the fact that Cher’s voice is terrible and that Paije finally showed some real talent this weekend.

It’s just a shame Simon didn’t choose to save the superior singer this week.

Anyway, backed by Cheryl Cole’s support for Cher and a shock defection by Louis Walsh, Paije was sent home. Well, it was inevitable, wasn’t it? Louis choosing to save Cher must’ve stung, because if you recall, Louis was the champion for Paije at the original auditions.

On the upside, like Aiden Grimshaw last week, Cher has discovered that she’s not completely safe. Finding yourself in the bottom two after being told you’re the the hottest sing-rapper in the UK might be a bit of a wake up call. I’ll reiterate that I have nothing personally against Cher. I just don’t think she’s a good singer, and I don’t like how Simon and Cheryl in particular have hyped how good she is.

Elsewhere in the show, Olly Murs takes his unique brand of insufferably smug git and sang his new single. Sorry, mouthed the lyrics to his new single. And the X Factor final 16 were gathered together once more for the annual charity single, also mimed. 

I was watching the reaction to the show on Twitter, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that this is a singing competition this year. A few commentators that I follow (including a few who get work from ITV) have been saying that the show is getting boring this year. The shine, sadly, is wearing off The X Factor. Especially in this midpoint, where the final three seem set and it’s just a waiting game to see the others get picked off. The only entertainment at this point is watching for the shocks, like Aiden Grimshaw getting voted off last week, and Cher Lloyd ending up in the bottom two. Those, for me, are two signs that the judges can praise even the shittest of performances, but the public are starting to see through it all.

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  1. Ageing tart

    I do think Cher has the potential to learn to sing, but not on a talent show. It should be done in her own time with a proper course or private training.

    Paige has a lot of potential but personally he has been better in earlier weeks.

    However, I tend not to believe anything the judging panel say especially with reference to the ‘better singer, or most to give”, etc,.

    I’m curious now though if Wagner found himself in the bottom two would the judges all send Wagner home or would they keep him because of the added press he gives them?

    For my money the most diabolical effort at singing comes from Wagner and I feel the joke has gone on long enough.


    Ageing tart.

  2. slaneyvalley

    Louis tutted to and fro about who to send home. Why didn’t he just leave it to the public vote? Otherwise I really don’t know why the public vote at all. I thought Page was fab in the sing off, much better than Cher who I don’t honestly think can sing.

  3. Ageing tart

    I’m inclined to think that as all the judges hate this part of the show, and that as they all make horrendous mentors the people who really need voting off are the judging panel.

    The competition could be judged entirely by the viewers vote.

    I’m of the belief that Cher does have a voice that is trapped hence its sore throat like tone, lack of use and trapped by speech register excessive use for rapping.

    If Cher was to take two years to do a performing arts course or two years to do private singing, Cher could be taught to sing, because there is a voice when she raises her pharynx. Only thing is she would have to stop rapping.

    She would need to stop rapping as well once the voice was out in open. I suspect she might be a young soprano, but so much rapping in speech voice register has developed the wrong part of her vocal fach. Hence the sore throaty sound and the cracks.

    With someone who is young this can easily be rectified but it will take a good two years to get there.

    Just been listening to the young Hollie Steel from BGT and her voice is coming along beautifully if you remember she gave a peice of musical theatre for her performance, which made her sound older than her years.  She has obviously been training and gone back to her childs voice and its lovely.

    If Cher dropped this rapping she would find that her voice would sound younger, clearer, brighter and stronger in terms of pitch. Who knows she might even like it herself. Its sad that the urban sounds are so influential on young people but sadly in Chers case they could be damaging and prohibitive of vocal development.


    AGeing tart


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