Paramore: ‘Ignorance’ Single And Video Review

SONG: Ignorance

ARTIST: Paramore

ALBUM: Brand New Eyes

RELEASE DATE: 11 September 2009 (IRL), 14 September 2009 (UK)

GENRE: Punk pop, power pop, emo, alternative rock


Woah! It’s been a long time since I’ve written for this blog. I don’t know whether I’ve had some form of writer’s block or I’ve just became lazy but I’ve suddenly had the inspiration to start writing again! In fact, I want to review a song by a band I have a lot of respect for. This band is called Paramore.

Ever since I first heard their breakthrough hit Misery Business from their second record RIOT!, I’ve had some sort of unnatural love for this band. You see their so damn likeable. They all appear to be really good, funny people and their lead singer Hayley Williams is simply so charismatic. They make hook filled catchy punk pop tunes yet always sound so honest and emotional and never contrived. One of the reasons I enjoyed second album RIOT! so much was because it was never contrived. It was just a simple record of 11 euphoric shout-along songs that just spelt to me “SCHOOL’s OUT!” I’ve since purchased their debut album and found that to be so accomplished yet some of the band members were still in their mid-teens.

Okay, I feel as if I’m rambling on a bit so I’ll get straight down to the basics about their new single Ignorance, the first cut from upcoming album Brand New Eyes. If you heard Decode, a single released by the band a few months ago which was used on the soundtrack to Twilight and expect Ignorance to sound somewhat the same then you will find that you’re wrong. Because unlike the epic, Evanescence style sound of Decode, Ignorance is a vicious yet extremely satisfactory update of Paramore’s 2007 single Misery Business. “Ignorance is your new best friend” Hayley Williams spits out these lines with such fierceness yet so much control that you can imagine this is going to be a real crowd pleaser at the many gigs they’ll play in the next few months. Lyrically, this song deals with the spotlight being on Williams and how the other band members feel a bit left out by it. So while William’s voice is as powerful as ever and her charisma shines through as usual, mention must go to the band members who do an extremely solid job of backing up the lyrics with slamming drums and crashing guitars. While Hayley is undoubtedly the face of Paramore, they are the backbone of the band.

Eurrgh! I think I’m making a mess of this review so on to the summary. Ignorance is a strong first single by the band. It is a fantastic hook filled tune that will have mosh pits alight over the coming months. You can definitely hear growth and development in the band’s sound (just listen to the cool screaming guitar riffs) and the fact that this song sounds nothing like Decode shows that the band are capable of diversity too. Something that critics often noted. Admittedly, I was a bit wary of the song when I first heard it but it’s definitely a grower. Belive me you will all be singing “Ignorance is your new best friend” in a few months if this song gets enough exposure. Touch wood.



I’m really loving the video. It’s nice and subtle and you can definitely see development in the band’s style. The video is simple. It takes place in a small cramped dark where there is a lightbulb fixed on Hayley (who looks absolutely gorgeous might I add) and the other band members are kept in the dark.

Hayley tries to move the lightbulb further outwards towards the band but it doesn’t work. And who says how many blondes does it take to fix a lightbulb. What about red heads?

Anyways the video is all very No Doubt (who Paramore recently toured with) except a bit more grungier. In fact, I wonder if Williams is trying to steal Gwen Stefani’s crown in the style stakes. This is one of the first videos by Paramore in which we see Hayley on her own looking all fashionable and posey. God, my writing style has become really atrocious.

Final verdict. This video has a nice balance of typical rock video and mainstream pop video. My greatest wish is that Paramore manage this form of credibility both in their musical career and their public lives.


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  1. Anonymous

    the first time i heard that song on a mtv teaser, i thought it would be from billy talent cause i didnt knew know the songs from the new album

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