Paramore – The Only Exception – Single & Video Review

The next single from Paramore’s Brand New Eyes album is The Only Exception. It’s the third single from the album, and I feel I should forewarn you that I haven’t been as taken with Brand New Eyes as I was with Riot! – I think I’m still so engrossed with that album that truthfully, I’m not ready for this new material yet.

Anyway The Only Exception is a ballad (gasp!), quite a break from the sublime rockers that the band have released to date. Of course, there’s plenty of romantic material to be had on the album tracks…

This one is a song of hope – at the beginning, Hayley’s sworn off love and doesn’t believe it exists. Damn those parental breakups! But the frequent refrain is to the lover in the video that he’s the exception to that rule. The lyrics are admirable, optimistic and adorable.

The video features Hayley walking through various scenes in her life, including a clever speed-dating scene where she ‘dates’ each member of Paramore individually and rejects them all! And, according to Neon Limelight, the letters on the bed Hayley lies on are all “real love letters from Paramore fans”. That’s got to be a massive ego boost, seeing your letter in a Paramore video.

I’d have sent one in myself, but Hayley’s lawyers have asked that I stop communicating with her.*

Still, a solid single, despite the fact that Paramore – for me – are at their best giving 120 Mph riffs and rocking out. I enjoy the ballads on Riot! mostly because they help pace the album, so I’m hoping for something with a bit more fire and energy in the next single.

* (joke, lawyer types!)

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