Paramore’s hot new video for ‘Careful’

Paramore have just dropped a brand new video for their next single, Careful. It’s a breathtakingly energetic riff-fest, and perhaps my favourite single from the Brand New Eyes album.

Hayley Williams manages to keep her nipples concealed during this video, but she’s also never looked hotter. I won’t throw in my trademark conspiracy theory about a nude scandal coming just days before a new video comes out. In fact, the whole band give off a fantastic, together vibe throughout this video. They make it look like the kind of band you’d like to hang out with.

The song? A brilliant, frenetic riff-laden pop-punk masterpiece. Even if the main lyric does sound like it was borrowed from a pensioner. I mean, how many times have you heard your granny say “You can’t be too careful anymore”? This could be an insurance sales anthem!

I’m rambling. Great song, brilliant, candid video. Check it out, leave fawning comments underneath.

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  1. RandomEnigma

    Do you really think so? I think the video is another boring cut and paste video of backstage footage which they have also done for their singles All We Know and Hallelujah

    I also think this is my least favourite single by them. It’s an absolute riff fest which is reminiscent of their last album RIOT! but I find it somewhat lacking.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      You’re generally a Paramore fan though, aren’t you RandomEnigma?

      I think the reason I like it  – as you said – is that it reminds me of the material from Riot!, and I’m still loving those tracks. It’s my first port of call when listening to Paramore. So yeah, that explains the attraction!

      1. RandomEnigma

        I am indeed a big Paramore fan. RIOT! is probably one of my favourite “SCHOOL’S OUT! SUMMER’S HERE!” records. But I did like the direction they went with with Brand New Eyes not as infectiously listenable as RIOT! but I appreciate the maturity.

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