Peaches Geldof still speaks to her ex-husband

Peaches Geldof still speaks to her ex-husband.

The 21-year-old socialite married Chester French drummer Max Drummey in a shock ceremony in August 2008 and though they divorced just six months later, Peaches – who is now romancing SCUM rocker Thomas Cohen – is glad to still have him in her life.

She said: “I actually spoke to Max on the phone the other day. He lives really near me in Los Angeles. He’s such a good person as well, so that was not an area where there was any drama.”

Peaches– the daughter of singer-and-activist Bob Geldof and the late Paula Yates – also admitted her father doesn’t always like her boyfriends initially but they eventually win him over.

She said: “He’s been quite vocal. He said to me that he thinks I’ve had really nice boyfriends.

“There have been a few that he’s been not that into, but then he’s sort of come round.”

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