From person to person

Hiiii x Has anyone read the last Harry Potter Book??? I have omg It  is the best one. You people who havent you should do its the best!. Has anyone seen Twilight saga New Moon thats wiked too. Who is team Jacob? 🙂 love him xxx. I know a lot of girls always go for the hero well in my piont of view Edward is the Baddie. I mean they might be veggies but come on their vampires for goodness sake they have eat people once in a while. Right back to Harry Potter. I have a number of Favourite characheters like Bonnie Wrght (Ginny), Evannna Lynch (Luna), Emma Watson (Hermone), Dobby, Hedwig, Rupert Grint (Ron) and of course James and Oliver Phepls (Fred and George). Plus I do have some favourite lines from Harry Potter and the half-blood prince. Whoever hasnet watched it get and watch it. Well I think that is it from me today. Bye xx Alana xx

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