Pete Versus Life – Marriage of Convenience

Pete’s encounter with an older woman last week had nothing on his antics this week – in an absent minded moment, he agrees to marry a friend of his flatmates to allow her to legally live in the country.

Worse still, after mortally offending Anna last week with the pancake tits remarks, he gets into a verbal battle with her father and causes him to have a heart attack. Multiple heart attacks, to be honest. And all because he disputed that denim originated in the French town of Nim. (Pete was right, by the way, it originated in Nimes).

In an almost identical plot to last week, Pete manages to pull a hot nurse while all this is going on. He woos her by pretending to be a caring type, but this backfires when she reveals that she’s devoutly religious. He manoeuvres around this skillfully enough, and even talks his way around his sham marriage to her satisfaction. Of course, just when it looks like things are going the right way, the people from immigration turn up.

And everything Pete’s been working toward throughout the entire episode starts to unravel. His parents, who he’d been making an effort to get closer to earlier in the episode, turn up for a visit and are less than pleased to discover that he’s married to a Zimbabwean. The hot nurse plays along for a minute or two, but when she realises that Pete’s ‘wife’ isn’t black, she feels duped and storms out.

The formula for this series seems to be to set Pete up in these elaborate situations and then sit back and watch it all collapse around him. Pete’s laziness and dishonesty always drive the conclusions for each episode. Not that I’m complaining, because this is raw, purile, lad humour. For example, when Pete tries to spare his bride-of-Frankenstein-to-be’s feelings by not mentioning her weight, she assumes he’s an anti-semite instead. In many ways, it reminds me of Danny Wallace’s Awkward Situations For Men.

Next week’s episode finishes the five-part series. If the pattern of each successive episode being better than the last holds, the finale is going to be brilliant.

Question for you: Would you like to see Pete Versus Life return for a second series? And if five episodes enough, or would you like more?

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