Pete Versus Life Versus an Older Woman

Gormless sports journalist Pete hooks up with an older woman in possibly the best episode so far of Pete Versus Life.

Cadging free food at an art gallery, Pete meets Ros, a 50-year-old who’s closer in age to his parents. She’s not shy when it comes to seducing him and takes him home the first night for sex. It’s only over breakfast the next morning that Pete discovers Ros is in an open marriage…when her husband rolls home.

The best bit about this new relationship? There are two – the unexpected reaction when Pete takes Ros to meet his parents and they have a very grown-up conversation, and Ros’s husband’s increasing agitation over the relationship. Things come to a head after Pete meets his ex-girlfriend and lies that Ros is his aunt. Later, Ros bitterly attacks her husband in front of Pete. Best line – Ros: “This ship has sailed…” Husband: “Yeah, with the ferry doors wide open.”

Pete breaks things off at that point. Sensibly, for a change.

Elsewhere in the episode, Pete’s miffed at his friends, but unexpectedly Anna offers an olive branch. At first, I thought she had a secret crush on Pete (unlikely now I think about it), but it turned out that she felt a kindred spirit. She explains that it’s because her friends at school froze her out for having small breasts. Pete sensitively tells her she’s got a cracking pair now and that he’d be happy to stick his head between them.

The two storylines come together brilliantly when, on Pete’s birthday, he gets his biggest wish – a girl in a cheerleader costume bursting out of a cake. However, as he sniggers with his friend about Anna’s small boobs revelation, Anna jumps out of the cake ready to kill him. To make matters worse, Ros barges into the house drunk and tells him she misses his c*ck. His newly reunited girlfriend storms out and leaves Pete with a 50-year-old in need of a good stomach pumping.

Tackling the awkward territory of open marriages was a masterstroke for the show tonight. It really felt like Pete Versus Life came into its own tonight. The characters are starting to develop now, and I’m kind of hoping something inappropriate happens between Pete and Anna and they can spin it off as hate sex or something.

As it stands, plenty of filthy lines in this week’s show. I’ll repeat only one for you. Imagine being told by a fifty year old woman wearing some kinky lingerie “I’m going to f*ck you into the middle of next week!”

I don’t think it’ll ever be considered a comedy classic, but for smutty lad humour, Pete Versus Life hits a certain spot. Oh, and the guest appearance by Claire Raynor was just perfect – hoping for more of those as the series goes on.

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