Peter Squires new album, ‘Woe Is Me’

Answer honestly – there have been times when you suspected your girlfriend of being evil, demonically possessed or a witch. Brooklyn-based folk artist Peter Squires knows how you feel – in the aptly-named video for Witch, he accuses his girlfriend of being a witch.

Witch is from Squires’ latest album, Woe Is Me. I’ve been listening to some of the tunes today, and there’s a raw energy in his acoustic work that he couples with humour in his lyrics. Here’s a bit more about Peter:

When you combine honest lyrics, raw acoustic strummings and straightforward vocals ripe with sadness and humor – you get Brooklyn-based Peter Squires’ new album. Woe Is Me features urban tales of heartbreak and betrayal set against carefully stripped-down folk songs full of raw emotion. Delicate layers of guitar and minor percussive flairs create a minimalist sound with enduring beauty.

Catch more of Peter’s tunes on MySpace or follow his tour blog on WordPress. Try not to be frightened by the large bearded guy with bear ears…

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