Is Piers Morgan a case of Marmite?

In the past week, Ive seen a number of opinions on Piers Morgan and his latest ‘Exposing’ Chat show about the lives of certain people. Last week Sharon Osbourne took to the chair and Piers discussed with her, her rise to fame, her lack of talent that people have often questioned(which i think is ridiculous) her abusive relationship with Superstar husband Ozzy Osbourne, her cancer battle, to name a few. I found it very interesting, especially the talk about X factor rival Danni Minogue and how the Aussie star shifted the show veteran from the panel. I loved the show, but it seems some people disagree…

Mostly ive heard people talking about their dislike of piers, some people love him, some people hate him, this is what ive come to believe anyway. I like his interviewing style, hes humourous, evident by the way he spoke to sharon about his cousin ‘Rebecca Loos’ who sharon blatently dislikes, shown on the celebrity x factor a few years back in 2005.

Tonight Piers chats to Richard Branson, an interesting interview is on the cards! with a man whos life story will be very hard to fit into 1 hour of television! I cant wait!


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  1. justME

    i didnt follow piers morgans career moves, nor really took any notice of what he does. i’ve watched his life stories show and i find it too stereoptyped with comparisons piers makes to peoples lives as to how a minority may think people are or should be often in his interviews- that i dont like – like i dont like garlic unless i have a cold then i cant taste it. so i would say that piers is more like garlic than marmite and the people he interviews are more like marmite- which i’m totally indifferent to.

  2. Gerard McGarry

    I’ve been following Piers Morgan’s career since he was the editor of Bizarre in The Sun. He’s a mover, and – I’ve heard – a shaker. Piers understands how the British (and American since he judges on America’s Got Talent) entertainment scene works. He’s a bit like Simon Cowell in that respect, he knows that the industry thrives on succinct soundbites and not too much analysis.

    Piers has been the butt of a lot of jokes – especially that sketch showing loads of different ways to kill Piers Morgan. I don’t think the public hate him that much!

    For me, as I said on your forum post, Piers didn’t challenge Sharon Osbourne much during that interview. Too much of it was going over old ground about Ozzy and her father, and not enough real discussion. I think I’ll have to watch the Branson interview to make my mind up.

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