Pitbull – I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) – Single and Video Review

Oh, Pitbull, how I want to hate you. Look at you posturing in your video with some solid-looking (and scantily clad) women. Worse still, how’d you manage to re-use that trumpet riff that sounds like the music from the Crazy Prices adverts of the 80’s?

I Know You Want Me reminds me a little bit of the Outhere Brothers’ Boom Boom Boom – there’s nothing remotely intelligent about the song. But in a perverse way, that makes it completely satisfying. Yes, Mr Pitbull might be over-estimating his pulling power, but you’ve got to admire his self-confidence, dontcha? He’s a bit like Sean Paul in that way.

The video is a T&A masterpiece. This type of song couldn’t really have a video other than lots of half-naked women cavorting around. No problems here. I actually like Pitbulls taste in women – they’re not stick thin waifs – in fact, they look like they could pin you down in one swift move. Again, no problems here.

I love Fraser McAlpine’s take on the single on the BBC Chartblog:

Somehow the end result is more gigglesome than wrigglesome. Which detracts from the fun in no way whatsoever. I don’t know if it has a different effect on The Ladies, but I’m basically fine with a pumped up dance version of a very familiar piece of music, with a funny man on the top shouting about how aroused he is and occasionally counting on his fingers.

In summary? Well, my brain is screaming at me to hate this song. But everything else loves it, from the ‘trumpet line I’ve heard before’ to the video candy babes and the ‘funny man’ doing the counting. Just plain airheaded brilliance, innit?

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