Pixie Lott – Broken Arrow – Single & Video Review

You might as well give up on ever seeing a second album from English popstrel Pixie Lott – instead her fans are being treated to a ‘deluxe’ reissue of her debut album, Turn It Up.

But more on that later. The good news is that Pixie will be releasing another single called Broken Arrow for your auditory pleasure. It’s a mid-tempo pop ballad feauring Miss Lott pining for her man on the floor of a studio apartment.

This sounds like the kind of mature pop that’s been springing from the pen of Gary Barlow for the last couple of years. Enormously radio-friendly but with muted hooks that aren’t immediately catchy, but they add up over time. Pixie does a fine job with the warbling, but a minor criticism is that she doesn’t really emote during the song. So there’s no real sense of angst or sadness behind the music.

Still, this would sit well on the type of American TV show that employs pop ballads to supplement emotional scenes between characters. You know, the Grey’s Anatomy syndrome. And as fodder for two rain soaked doctors embracing in the moonlight outside a hospital, Broken Arrow would work rather well. As a single, I’m not entirely sure I’m convinced.

Which brings us back to the deluxe album – set to be called Turn It Up Louder, it’s said to feature appearances from Jason ‘Autotune’ Derulo and Joe Jonas. Yes, it’s part of Pixie’s grand plan to crack the States. And it might just catch on. After all, Natasha Bedingfield (surely Pixie 1.0) is doing quite nicely for herself over there. And the yanks even put up with Joss Stone. They’re clearly suckers for cute pop girlies.

A quick note on Deluxe Editions: They’re all over the place these days – a great opportunity for an artist to add a couple of new tracks to an album and sell it as new product all over again. My problem, especially where Pixie Lott is concerned, is that we don’t get to see a progression of her sound. The leap from first to second album should show a journey. Deluxe albums get in the way of that. I mean, we’re still waiting on a second album from Lady GaGa, aren’t we?

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  1. Dara Hickey

    In some territories, ‘The Fame Monster’ is classed as her second album, but I get what you mean, because for UK legal reasons, she had to make it a re-release or “Deluxe Edition” for us.

    Anyhoo, this song is a bit dry of emotion, I’d say you just gave it an incredibly leniant review, Gerard because for me, this song doesn’t even argue with the fact it’s only there to make a few more pounds before Pixie waits five years before her next album.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Yeah, you’re right I was going softly. But that’s because I like Pixie. Though with that said, her last slow-ish song, Gravity, was also one of her worst performing, chartwise. I’m not sure I’d have released another slowie, because she’s best when she’s girlie and young.

  2. Dara Hickey

    From what I can recall – this is her third consecutive ballad, and all have by like listening the a shard of glass being scraped along a car bonnet.

    It’s awful in my opinion; dire, clichéd and emotionally hollow, it makes listineing to her live enjoyable..

    Actually no, it’s not that bad.

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