Play our Big Brother Facebook game!

Want to find out who the most popular Big Brother housemate is this year?

We’re starting a Facebook game to determine who the public loves the most inside the Big Brother house. All you have to do is click a button!

On Unreality Shout, we have wiki pages for each of the Big Brother housemates. All you have to do is go to the page of your favourite and click the ‘Like’ button underneath their name.

Let’s say you’re smitten by Beyonce lookalike [[Rachael White]]. Just click on that link to go to her page, then click the ‘Like’ button underneath her name. Couldn’t be easier. For a full list of this year’s housemates, see the [[Big Brother 2010 (Series 11)|Big Brother 2010]] wiki page, then go and vote for your own.

Let’s sum that up:

  1. Visit the [[Big Brother 2010 (Series 11)|Big Brother 2010]] wiki page.
  2. Choose the housemate(s) you like best, click on their names to see the profiles.
  3. Click the ‘Like’ button under their name.
  4. Couldn’t be simpler.

We’ll be checking the results regularly to see who’s the nation’s favourite housemate. I’m sure the figures will change on a regular basis as people’s opinions change!

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