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I have been looking forward to Primeval series 3 since the end of series 2. When my brother asked me ‘Doctor Who or Primeval?’ it was a huge dilemma for me. Could I pick the Doctor over Nick Cutter? Would I rather experience time and relative dimensions or go hopping through anomolies?

And this year I’ve been keeping all my Saturdays free in the hope that the first ep would be aired – only to find that it was to be shown on the one date I was out for something I couldn’t miss, wouldn’t be getting an ITV1 repeat (I don’t have ITV2) and hate with a passion ITV Catchup/Silverlight. But anyway, as soon as I got home (at about 11-something) I went onto ITV Catchup to watch immediately and, guess what, it wasn’t up yet.


So I watched something on iPlayer (Being Human Unearthed) and then went to sleep. When I woke up today the first thing I did was go online to see if it was there (it was), install Silverlight (argh) and watch it.

Here are some of my thoughts on the first episode.


This is what I know about the guy who played Becker; he got down to final two to play Arthur in Merlin (NB: Merlin, along with Primeval and Doctor Who forms part of my most-loved, must-wacth telly triumvirate). I think part of the reason he exists is to create a totty replacement for *sob* Steven but with a military twist (think Steven’s prettiness meets Captain Ryan’s specialisms). I don’t think Becker is pretty or amusing –  he should have the same cocky charm and aloof tones as Arthur (sorry, crossing over in Merlin territory) but doesn’t seem to pull it off (or maybe I’m just hugely biased because Arthur is awesome). He was quite quiet this episode as well so I wonder how central he’s going to be. I really can’t see much use for him yet.

Lack of Steven/Nick Cutter

The first point we see Nick Cutter this series he’s having flashbacks of Steven and looking all anguished and it’s just so much love. Judging by the length of Cutter’s hair (which has grown) it’s been a while since Steven’s death which brings into question why other members of the group are saying such unhelpful and tactless things such as ‘Steven would have known what to do’ (which made me think they should all be wearing little WWSD? bracelets in honour of him and his wisdom even though he was clearly the most stupid member of the team – whenever I saw him I instantly though aw, Steven, so pretty but so stupid).

Anyway Cutter, yes! OMG CUTTER! I LOVE YOU CUTTER <333333

Ehm, where was I? Also, aw, Jenny looks so excited when she thinks she’s going out for dinner with Cutter. And she looks so jealous when he hands Sarah Page a beer (and so she should, he’s never handed any other remember of the team a beer. Not even Steven. And it was his beer, not just a beer and whereas usually I’d be all like ‘eww hygiene’ – this is Nick Cutter we’re talking about and he makes my heart thud straight down into my unmentionables). She’s such a fangirl. I actually didn’t like Jenny for the first half of S2 but she grew on me and now I find her okay – I prefer her to Claudia Brown (who, again, initially I didn’t like but grew on me by S01E05). That said Jenny does seem to be devolving back into Claudia.

My main qualm is that Nick Cutter is using an American accent. Not just that but it’s almost a Batman-style one where it verges on grunting and it’s very odd.

Sarah Page

Sarah Page seems nice. She’s been referred to as a sexy and smart Egyptologist. She certainly shown her intelligence and humour is ep01, not so much the sexy but that shouldn’t be hard because the actress is very beautiful – I just hope it doesn’t because just what she’s about and she’s not actually just there for sexual frisson. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE sexual tension, but there’s time and a place and this seems like a good character who could be more than that.

Other Stuff
OMG! Fat Captain Ryan is back!
HUZZAH! Helen looks… more normal. She turned into some weird would-be Lara Croft in series 2 but I thought she looked quite pretty when they ran a close-up on her face.
WTF? Lester made a reference to new character Christine Johnson to be like a ‘velociraptor, only better dressed‘ – I would just like to point out that in S2E05, when Jenny is all dressed up for her engagement part Connor says she looks amazing, Nick Cutter replies with a dinosaur analogy. In other words we should stop comparing the wimmens to being like dinosaurs just for being strong or beautiful. I wonder if Christine Johnson and Lester have had sex in the past.
ARGH! ITV CATCHUP SUCKS. It actually skipped the second part of the show so I had to go back after it finished and re-watch that bit. Fail. From now on I will stay in and watch it.

All in all I though it was an okay start to the show but my favourite series opener remains S02E01, of which I have fond memories and was adrenaline-packed whilst maintaining the relationship arcs from the previous series. This was a bit too much about the chase of the pristichampus and not enough of the interactions and relationships between the characters. I’m glad this series had 10 episodes – hopefully it’ll give it a bit more time to develop. I liked seeing a bit of the future world dystopia at the end – it was far different from the Other Future we saw in S2 where humans had passed and it was just creatures inhabiting a barren world, I definately look forward to seeing more of that.

Next week’s teaser looks good with the ‘haunted’ house and introduction of Jason Flemyng’s character. Can’t wait 😀

There’s also the interactive drama to play on, which is pretty good and worth checking out:


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  1. Jaye

    I felt exactly the same about the lack of interplay between the characters – but I’m sure it’ll be better next week. I was lucky to be able to watch it ‘live’ and left Robin Hood for I-player, the ITV one drives me bananas!

    1. priyabhakta

      Tell me about it!

      The only time I’ve ever used it before was for Whitechapel and that was at work a couple of days after it was on TV. At least iPlayer seems to put up the shows more or less straight away.

      I was also going to give Demons a chance a one point despite all the bad press but the buffering rate was terrible.

    1. priyabhakta

      Being is Scotland you would have thought I would have thought of that. Je suis loser.


      I’ll have to try it for this weekend’s show 🙂

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