Primeval S03E02 – Monster of the Week: LOLCATS

Okay, well they looked liked LOLCATs and people on the twitterfest kept making lolcat jokes so I can only assume I wasn’t the only one to see it.

I think overall it was a lot better than last week’s episode by being action-y and adding in relationship bits (a.k.a. Abby and Jenny have girl talk, Abby kisses Connor on the cheek after he tries to rescue her again).

The story of having a ‘haunted’ house was quite novel though we never really found out what the lolcats really were. The dialogue was great as well – it had it’s fair share of humour.

There was the sexiest anomoly special effect we’ve seen to date which was shot quite close to the anomoly and then a 360 pan. Really lovely.

It did seem, however, they’d split the cast so that they could film two episodes at the same time and as a result we only really saw Abby, Connor, Jenny and new guy Danny Quinn. We did see the others (bar Rex) albeit briefly.

We saw Becker (i.e. Not!Arthur) and he was quite quiet because he’s rubbish and clearly only there as a totty replacement for Steven when actually the other new guy (Danny Quinn played by Jason Flemyng) is a lot sexier and seems to have some UST building up with Jenny (and we haven’t even seen him with Cutter yet!).

Fat Captain Ryan and Helen both appeared again and in the ‘next week’ preview it seems like they have a bigger role next week. As is the reporter who had a bit part in S02E06.

It does look like the series might be getting into the stride of things now which is great especially as I had such high hopes (like many others I’m sure) and last week seemed somewhat underwhelming.

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    LOLcats? Nope, didn’t think they were like LOLcats, I was thinking more like Gremlins from the movies of old.

    The ‘haunted house’ scenario lost my attention after a while – it was people going in, monster observing them, then they’d go out again, and they did this about 15 times. And while all this was happening, I was thinking “there’s a much more interesting story revolving around Cutter and what is clearly a cloning conspiracy”.

    I liked DC Quinn’s backstory though – any chance that he’s right about his brother being sucked into an anomaly? Even if that was the case, what would be the chances of a teenager being able to survive in a world full of those Gizmo-beasties?

    I must say though, the FX budget must be better than before, because the dinosaurs are much more realistic than I remember them.

  2. priyabhakta

    Gerard – I do think the first one looked like a lolcat but after that they became a bit more ferocious. I actually likened it to a Dobby-lolcat (as in Harry Potter‘s Dobby) but I definatly see the Gizmo-resemblance.

    I also kind of agree that they didn’t put enought emphasis on the fact they’d managed to kill Fat Captain Ryan again. I mean they’ve seen him enough times! We also never find out what Dobby-Gizmo-lolcat actually was and although I didn’t think that CGI was amazing or anything I was almost wetting myself at the 360 turn they did on the anomoly. It was beautiful.

    Quinn’s definately one too watch, I think he’ll bring a lot to the series unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, I’m not sure), Jaye, I don’t think he’ll replace Cutter. Here’s why; he’s new, he’s too new for the series to suddenly throw him in and be all ‘oh so here’s a new character and we’ve given him like three episodes overlap with Cutter, who you’ve had (and loved) for two previous series, but he’s your new replacement KTHXBAI’ – I think they’ll probably place more emphasis on Abby and Connor (as leads not the developing romance, which will  probably just remain an undercurrent) and also just sort of have it about the team as whole (including the newbies but with Lester and Christine Johnson sidelined) together, I’m sure there was crime series that did this but I fail to remember which  and the show carried on despite being named after the lead character, but many shows have done it.

    I’ll definately miss Nick Cutter though. I’ve been avoiding spoilers but that definately slipped through the net (DAMN YOU TWITTER! …I instantly stopped following that person – lol, fickle).

    Oh, btw, Gerard, this doesn’t directly relate to your ‘what would be the chances of a teenager being able to survive in a world full of those Gizmo-beasties?’ comment but someone on the Twitterfest enquired as to why the anomolies never seen to open up in Edwardian or Victorian periods or at least somewhere there are people. Nick Cutter actually worried that this had happened in S02 but it turned out they were just in  period theme park. I think if the show chooses to go down this route it’d definately be interesting but it’d also change the show entirely, I hope they don’t. Anyway, Quinn’s brother would have to be incredibly resilient to survive going through the anomoly (which I don’t think he did) and … (OMG thought: maybe Quinn’s brother is Fat Captain Ryan! I doubt this but still… OMG) …those thoughts are so distracting I’ve forgotten where I was going and all I remember was it was something do with Helen and her pesky anomoly-hopping. Now she is one resiliant broad 😉

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