Primeval S03E03 – A reply to Gerard’s review

I was replying to Gerard’s review of this episode and realised my comment was ridiculously long so I’ve made it into a blog post instead. Basically I picked out quotes of his (in italics) and added my own commentary.

The third episode of Primeval pushed all the right buttons and came out better than the Time Lord and medieval do-gooder.

I think this had more to do with the fact iPlayer is good and CatchUp is crap more than anything. Plus Doctor Who was repeated on terrestrial whereas Primeval is only repeated on itv2 (and i refuse to accept that the majority of people probably do have itv2 and it’s just me in the dark ages).


A mini-invasion of Diictodons…

SO CUTE. OMFG. SO CUTE. I WANT ONE. I can’t wait to see how Rex reacts when they get home and also can’t wait for the plushes to come out.


Helen Cutter’s nefarious scheme is revealed – she’s creating voice controlled suicide-bomber clones

I’m not sure how much you know but Helen’s been creating the Fat Captain Ryans for some time (i.e. through series two). Helen was sexy in series one, went slaggy in series two and is now getting hotter again (okay that’s personal opinion but nevertheless…). Images of Helen through the series so you can see how her look has evolved(click for a larger view):

Three Looks for Helen


I love Helen more in this series altogether than S2 because she just seems more present and her madness has just gone off the scale. Also why was everyone like ‘OMGWTFBBQ two Nick Cutters?!’ and fine with the army of FCRs who they’ve seen (and killed multiple times) before.

If you’re wondering, the moniker FCR is because is S1 there was a Captain Ryan who was in charge of the soldiers (sort of like Becker now I suppose – but he wasn’t supposed to be a major part, he was just in the background –  there wasn’t a character with his role in S2) and he looks erm… similar (drink some vodka, move back ten spaces, squint… maybe you’ll see it) to the cleaner (when we first saw FCR he was pretending to be a cleaner in the shopping centre featured in S02E01 – now that was a kicking series opener).


Captain Ryans


On a side note, I am reluctant to say this but Becker didn’t suck much I think he might be getting better.


I have to admit, I was wondering why Cutter hadn’t been at the forefront of the first two episodes.

I’d accidently read a spoiler on this and have to say was quite devestated. I mean, I was sad when Stephen died and Nick Cutter is a million times better than oh-so-pretty-but-oh-so-stupid Stephen (back story you may or may not know – Stephen and Helen had an affair) – which reminds me when Nick Cutter asked if Helen had cloned Stephen and she was like ‘clones are only alike physically la la la’, i mean, not to be a perv or anything but what else would you want Stephen for? Intellectual debate? Ha.


And what a way to go – his carefully detailed model up in smoke, the Arc in ruins and killed by his ex-wife. And all this after he showed a sensitive side by delivering that woman’s baby.

Ohmygod and it was so sad. The rest of the team’s reactions. Oh my, oh my. And ow cute was he delivering Stanley? Actual question, on a scale of 1 to 10, how cute? SO CUTE.


It looks like Danny Quinn (the policeman from episode 2) will be joining the cast.

Again, I read about casting ages ago when Jason Flemyng got attached and was happy. I don’t think he’ll replace Nick Cutter, you don’t just replace Nick Cutter, I reckon it’ll be a team effort from now on but I’m sure he’ll pull his own weight.


…it looks like even Connor gets a much needed shot of testosterone.

Nooo…. Connor must stay at home and dinosit for Bonnie, Clyde and Rex. Actually, did you not think that the preview for next week’s ep was a) kickass and b) looked like some Primeval/Chewits ad/Cadburys ad mashup?

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    I love that you’re so passionate about Primeval! And that you’ve got a superior knowledge of the backstory!

    You’re quite right, I didn’t know much of the background, so as a relative newbie to the series, I’ve been taking it as I found it. Actually, I’d been in London all weekend and caught both on Sky+ (thank the Gods – that ITV catch-up is utter sh*te): still haven’t seen Robin Hood yet though…

    Fat Captain Ryan

    Well, what does it say that I only know this character as Fat Captain Ryan? I’ve been reading your commentary too much! I had no idea that he was the butt of a long-lasting “Oh my God, they killed Kenny” type of joke! How will Ryan #102132 die? I hope Helen’s keeping extensive records…

    Cutter’s death

    Yep, even a die-hard cynic like me was a bit sad when Cutter got shot. Having said that, he almost seemed resigned to his fate at the end, didn’t he?

    Connor? Who the f*ck is Connor? (To the tune of Alice by Smokie)

    Come on, what is the relevance of this feeble-looking nerdy type? I just don’t understand how he fits into all this – Connor looks like he wandered in off the street and just didn’t leave so they gave him a job. Now, it looks like he’s going to toughen up in the next episode, which will be interesting, but so far I’m not loving him.

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