Primeval – S03E03 – Nick Cutter dies!

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Holy crap! What an episode! On a Saturday night that saw ITV (poor track record in Sci-Fi drama) going up against the BBC’s [[Doctor Who (TV Series)|Doctor Who]] and Robin Hood, my guess would have been that the Beeb would have creamed ITV. But wow, the third episode of Primeval pushed all the right buttons and came out better than the Time Lord and medieval do-gooder.

In a nutshell

  • A mini-invasion of Diictodons in a hospital sees Cutter and his team having to round up the creatures and deliver a baby. All in a day’s work!
  • Helen Cutter’s nefarious scheme is revealed – she’s creating voice controlled suicide-bomber clones, and tells Cutter that creatures from The Arc will eventually end all life on the planet and that she has witnessed this.
  • Helen takes over the Arc and her clone of Cutter blows the place up. The team escape to safety, but Cutter goes back inside to rescue Helen, but she shoots him thinking that this will prevent the future incident she thinks he will cause. Before he dies, Cutter passes on the artefact that Helen left behind. He gives it to Connor and tells him to work out what it does.

I have to admit, I was wondering why Cutter hadn’t been at the forefront of the first two episodes. Being a recent convert, I’d heard loads about Cutter and didn’t quite understand why he was taking a backseat role in the show. Now we know: he was bowing out.

And what a way to go – his carefully detailed model up in smoke, the Arc in ruins and killed by his ex-wife. And all this after he showed a sensitive side by delivering that woman’s baby.

By the way, who would’ve resisted the temptation to hold up the baby dinosaur and pretend that was the woman’s baby? I was sooo disappointed when that didn’t happen!

I’m intrigued now about what Cutter’s death means for the series as a whole. I don’t get the impression that he’s coming back through some flimsy Anomaly-related storyline. The ARC is destroyed, their leader is gone: will the Primeval team regroup and will they be different?

It looks like Danny Quinn (the policeman from episode 2) will be joining the cast, and from the previews of episode 4, it looks like even Connor gets a much needed shot of testosterone. Will the focus of the series change now? I wonder. I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of this series, which is definitely improving.

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  1. Mat

    I am so upset. Cutter was the backbone of the show imo, and was the reason for watching. I hope they can carry it on without him but I’m not so sure they can.

  2. Mat

    I am so upset. Cutter was the backbone of the show imo, and was the reason for watching. I hope they can carry it on without him but I’m not so sure they can.

  3. Anonymous

    Shame about season 3 of primeval, I’ve stopped watching it after episode 4, cutter gone and replaced by a ‘jack the lad’ character who looks like he’d rob his own grandmother and now Jenny (claudia) leaving also, whats left…

    Poor character storylines, new cast are pale automatons of the ones they replaced, continunuity from season 2 seems weak.

    Has whoever produces it been replaced? (if so it shows)

    Shame, seasons 1 and 2 got you by the throat and at the same time felt special, season 3, sorry, just doesn’t do it for me.

    Would love to know why the actors who played nick, jenny & stephen left?

    Did they want to move on or were they pushed…


  4. Dirk M

    Just a little hope left inside of me that in some way Cutter returns.

    He was the backbone of the series……

    I did actually quit watching primeval after “Cutter” “Jenny” and “Stephen”, they were the sugar the cream the spoon of a cup of coffee. Without one of them the coffee is spoiled.

    But I also was curious how the serie moves one to another level. Okay, it’s watchable and maybe I (we) have the accept the new faces but my hope is that some anomaly opens and VOILA there is Cutter and maybe Jenny and Stephen too.

    I must admit that this is a fully English serie, the environment etc…. and it should stay that way.

  5. Anomaly83

    Or is he?! Just watched S3E3 and simply assumed well, Helen cloned her protection squad…so only a matter of time and events will bring Nick back – and Claudia too: preferred her to Jenny anyway. Now it seems its Cutter(ing) out time(SORREE!) after all.
    But with a show like this anything could happen, so concievably Doug will have a change of heart in Season 4. But I’m glad they’re extending each series to 10(+?) episodes: and what is Helen going to do with that clone anyway?! There are so many themes, monsters and possibilities that at the moment it’s skimming the surface time. Still the idea of the rapacious Helen getting all green(Sherwood maybe?!)and lets care for the planet now we’ve effed it up, is fun.
    But it’s certainly all-change time; as long as they don’t quash the inter-character byplay and sotto voce wry comments: my favourite part of the show.



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