Primeval, Series 4, Episode 2 review – Something in the sewers

Before we get stuck into this [[Primeval (TV Series)|Primeval]] review, there will be spoilers. There, you’ve been warned.

With this second episode, Primeval felt like it was warming up after the slightly wobbly premiere last night. Abby gets offered a job with the ARC due to her zoological experience, but Connor gets booted out because of the “no civilians” policy.

Weird plot device of the evening is Jess – who’s only just met Connor – giving him the keys to her flat and allowing him to use her computer. But hey-ho, apparently she’s just that kind of bubbly, trusting girl. Which makes her prime suspect to be the person Matt’s looking for within the ARC organisation.

And that’s it in a nutshell – Connor goes online, finds some weird creature sightings, hooks up with an old friend veteran Primeval fans will recognize and generally gets himself in loads of trouble. Abby gets drafted in to help, then Matt follows her to the dockside location. 

The creature is a reptilian thingy that was comically thrown into the sewer system while relatively small. Five years later, and it’s a fearsome beastie that enjoys feasting on vagrants. Wino Cuisine, if you will. To be fair to the Kaprosuchus, it leads the ARC team a merry dance, from the macabre discovery of shredded human remains in an abandoned building to a chase through a labyrinth of shipping containers. Let’s not forget the random ARC shooter paralysing himself with a stun gun and getting eaten!

It may not have been the most elaborate plot, but it showed us the new team in action. And it looked good! Connor may well have been the star of the show, by deciding that he’d work as a ‘concerned citizen’ if he was fired from the ARC. Jess showed her supreme Field Co-ordinator skills, Abby was driven in her pursuit of the croc, and Becker showed up at the eleventh hour to save Matt. Hooray!

The episode ends nice and tidily with Lester giving Connor his job back after creating a neat loophole to escape the ‘no civilians’ rule – Connor was employed before the rule came into force. Nice of the ARC to backdate their pay as well! And bubbly Jess ends up taking in Abby and Connor as roommates, and displaying a rather large crush on Becker. If she gets together with him, do you think we’ll learn what his first name is?

Quick aside about Bio-tags: They contain a print of all your physical data, impossible to fake. So why not just scan trace elements of DNA from their skin? Am I the only one who doesn’t understand the reason for the peculiar wristbands?

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