Primeval, Series 4, Episode 6: Jenny Lewis’ wedding

Lucy Brown as Jenny Lewis in Primeval

You might have noticed this, but [[Primeval (TV Series)|Primeval]] has been getting progressively better each week this series. We’ve recently had beasties eating the Breakfast Club and horrors eating human hors d’oeuvres in a creepy village. But tonight’s episode of Primeval packs in so much action, it’s difficult to know where to begin.

Shall we start with Jenny Bloody Lewis making an unexpected comeback when an anomaly opens up in the stately home she’s about to get married in? Or maybe we should talk about Evil Ethan turning Beautiful Beautiful Becker into a human bomb? Or perhaps you’d like to chat about Clumsy Connor planning his wedding to Abby without actually proposing to her? What a gimp!

Gone to the dogs…

Perhaps the star attraction here is the return of Lucy Brown as Jenny Lewis.

Jenny’s moved on since she quit the ARC in Primeval’s third series. And when the team awkwardly bump into her, it’s on the eve of her wedding. The problem is, the stately home she’s getting married in is playing host to a pack of snarling Hyaenadons. They’ve already chewed up the wedding planner, and now they’ve got a taste for human flesh.

In order for the ARC team to make sure the manor is free from unwanted creatures, Jenny invites them to the wedding. But they have to play along with the fact that Jenny hasn’t told her husband-to-be about her dinosaur-hunting past. So they pretend to be from a PR agency, which doesn’t go as smoothly as you might expect, especially with Matt and his Victorian fancy-woman Emily in tow.

Still, the creatures turn out to be quite a success – the older two Hyaenadons are extremely savage, and Connor gets caught up in trying to escape from them, shutting himself in the basement in the process. Eventually though, the beasts end up storming the wedding and the team give them a medieval ass-kicking using weapons borrowed from suits of armour! I’m going to give Ciarán McMenamin props here – he sure knows how to fight a CGI animal!

Becker The Bomb

You have no idea how much it pleases me to see the softest soldier in the universe walking into a booby-trap. Now, I watched Lethal Weapon 2 during the week and Becker’s situation mirrors the Danny-Glover-on-a-toilet one quite closely. Well except the humour in Primeval is probably unintentional. Instead of having Mel Gibson to rescue him, Becker has a fawning Jess.

Jess is clearly getting more desperate for some Hot Becker Action each week. She’s about seven days from outright molesting the poor wet-headed action man. And I doubt he’d be able to fight her off. One of those stun guns might come in handy after all!

I should mention that Evil Ethan set all this up, easily blindsiding the ARC team. In other news, he visits a cottage in a village and an old lady recognises him. But it’s present day, not 1902 (where ARC think he’s from), and the old woman remembers him as a boy. Comically, the anarchist killer runs away. From the pensioner.

Gideon Croaks

I did not see this coming, but Gravely-Ill Gideon gives up the fight after weeks of being frustratingly vague about a cataclysmic event that may or may not destroy the world. Earlier in the episode, he seems to be dreaming about some pre-historic landscape, which suggests he may have lived in that time. Oh yeah, and Gideon is Matt’s father. Add all that up, and Matt may have lived in a prehistoric period with his father and they’ve come to the present for some reason.

The teaser for the finale shows Matt and Ethan going head to head and doesn’t it look like they’ve got history (pardon the pun)? And Connor and Phillip are dealing with rapidly multiplying anomalies! What the hell? Looks like it’s going to be an explosive finale folks!

Random observations

  • The ARC is full of horny people at the moment. Connor and Abby, Jess and Becker and unless I’m mistaken, Matt has feelings for Emily. Lester needs a girlfriend. Or, considering he’s in government, an escort.
  • Emily can’t hi-five. Loved that detail, although I’d also have loved to see Abby teaching her back at the ARC.


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