Primeval stars have content-free appearance on ITV’s This Morning

Damn. If you’re a [[Primeval (TV Series)|Primeval]] fan like me and you tuned into ITV’s This Morning hoping Hannah Spearritt and Andrew-Lee Potts would spill the beans on the new series, you’ll have been sadly disappointed.

Sure, it was confirmed that Hannah and Andrew-Lee (do we have to hypenate that every time?) are engaged. Did we get any details of the engagement, beyond that it involved boats, choppy waters and a ‘massive build-up’? Nope.

We got Eamonn Holmes trying to give unwanted marital advice to the young couple, despite everybody else there being completely uncomfortable.

Holmes even managed to ask Hannah whether she still sings anymore, without referencing the very funny use of S Club 7’s Don’t Stop Movin’ in last week’s episode of Primeval! Frankly the whole interview was largely content-free, which is quite frustrating. There’s so much we need to know about Primeval. Here, for the benefit of ITV interviewers and researchers, are some actual questions Primeval fans would want to have asked:

  • The cast has seen some big changes since coming back – would they have liked to see Jason Flemyng or Laila Rouass return?
  • Do they agree that Becker is completely pointless?
  • Could they sum up where the current storyline is taking the ARC team – with perhaps some insight or spoilers into upcoming episodes?
  • What about the rumours of Primeval franchises in other countries – will their characters be popping up overseas? Are there opportunities for spin-offs of the series, including movies?
  • Connor and Abby as a couple are confirmed, but is there a spark of interest between Jess and Becker? Will the ARC become all loved-up?

Those are just a few, off the top of my head. Disappointing that This Morning blustered through an empty series of questions. Luckily, Andrew-Lee Potts managed to get a quick plug in for his appearance in Alice – the Syfy channel’s re-imagining of Alice In Wonderland that’s coming up later this month.

Update: How could I forget? Eamonn Holmes’ unfunny attempt to equate Hannah Spearritt’s surname to Spearmint, y’know, like the chewing gum? Bet she’s never heard that one before. Groan…

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