Professor Green ft Lily Allen – Just Be Good To Green

Fascinating fact about Professor Green: he’s the spitting image of my brother in law. Let’s just say that the said in-law wasn’t amused when he saw the video for this and realised he had a chavvy clone out there rapping in the least masculine voice ever.

And I’m a bit annoyed I haven’t got around to writing about Professor Green. Though I suspect his name may be some kind of bought title, I doubt he has the credentials to call himself ‘professor’. Can you be arrested for impersonating an academic?

His first single, I Need You Tonight, was a ridiculous, but quite good version of the INXS classic of almost the same name. His voice…well, sorry, but I approach Green as a novelty act based on that weird effect when he raps. Novelty in a funny way. I just hope the comedy is intentional.

Be Good To Green ropes in Lily Allen for extra chav points, and recycles the old Beats International hit, with Lily taking the original melody and Green adding his almost helium-quality rap. The titling is a self-indulgent nod to his stage name, obviously, but makes you laugh when he squeaks “Yeah, just be good to Green“, like it was the cleverest alt-lyric in the history of songwriting.

While this totally misses out on the ethereal quality of the original, it’s a fine updating of the song. Despite the criticisms, I like Professor Green in a perverse way. Gotta love him trying to persuade Lily Allen he’d a ‘bad boy’ when he looks for all the world like a feckless couch potato. He doesn’t look like he could even spell ‘gangsta’.

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  1. Dara Hickey

    Agree with everything you said, bit annoyed you reviewed it first Gerard!

    But I also like the song, and as you said – a fine update of a very good song originally.

    P.S. – I don’t actually mind his voice… oddly

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Agree with everything you said, bit annoyed you reviewed it first Gerard!

      That happens a lot around here, OddOne! Don’t worry about it though, because you can either comment on someone else’s post, or write your own. Remember, you have your own blog address, so people who follow your blog will get your updates there anyway!

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