Quick-fire Being Human US recap – You’re The One That I Haunt

The penultimate episode of Being Human, You’re The One That I Haunt saw Aidan getting staked at the hands of Bishop in the final moments. But it was an episode filled with excitement as Being Human begins to differentiate itself from its UK counterpart.

Sally continued to be a full-on zombie-ghost until she almost slashed Danny’s throat. The near-murder wakes her up from her stupor, but she’s got a thirst for revenge against her killer. But Danny’s got other plans. He shows up at the house with a cannister conveniently marked “gasoline” (as if somebody would be throwing milk of anything less dangerous around a room like that) and proceeds to set the place on fire.

Sally decides that if he’s burning down the house, then Danny’s going down with it – she slams the doors shut and keeps him inside with the inferno. At that point, Aidan and Josh burst in. Aidan restrains Danny while Josh puts out the fire (again, at little too easily, in my opinion). After giving Danny a severe fright, Sally tells him to confess to his crime. 

Elsewhere, Josh and Nora discover that the pregnancy’s much further along than they expected. Fourteen weeks, to be exact. Nora obviously still has no idea that she’s been knocked up by a werewolf, but Josh clearly suspects something’s unusual. Will he come clean before the pups come along? There’s a positive outcome to the pregnancy – it’s forced Josh to realise that he wants to be more than an orderly, so he’s going back to medical school.

Aidan spends much of the episode paranoid about retribution from Bishop. But he also sees a long lost human lover, Celine, who’s visiting the hospital. The two were in love back in the 70’s, but when they were due to run away together (because Bishop had tracked Aidan down again), Celine failed to show up. Aidan discovers that she’s not only terminally ill, but that Bishop caught her and warned her to stay away from Aidan. He threatened her family, which is why she didn’t meet him.

And finally, Bishop isn’t finished with Aidan – as the three housemates are contemplating the door that has appeared for Sally, Bishop bursts through the shuttered window and stakes Aidan. But Bishop’s face begins to burn (is that because he came in uninvited?) and he retreats. However, the damage has been done, and Aidan is unconscious and bleeding heavily. Will he recover? Will Sally go through the door when her friend if wounded? And will Nora find out that she’s having werewolf babies?

Lots of interesting stuff coming up in the Being Human Season 1 finale next Monday!

On a personal note, I love that this show is beginning to develop a personality and a mythology all of its own. I’ve missed much of the Dutch storyline, but Nora being pregnant to Josh conveniently jumps over the equivalent British storyline where George makes Nina a werewolf by accident and then gets her pregnant. It makes this story subtly different. Aidan getting staked so early on has been interesting, and he’s been a lot less angsty (and therefore more likeable) than Mitchell in the UK series.

Are you guys enjoying Syfy’s Being Human?

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