Quick Review: Being Erica – Wash, Rinse, Repeat

I’m severely behind in my reviewing at the moment, so I’m going to run a handful of fast-paced ‘quick reviews’ over the week until I’m sorta kinda caught up. The first is last week’s episode of [[Being Erica (TV Series)|Being Erica]], Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

It was almost inevitable that Erica (Erin Karpluk) would end up in a Groundhog Day scenario at some point, and this was it. When Kai (Sebastian Pigott) appeared at the end of the previous episode, it was to tell Erica that he couldn’t track her down in the future, and had presumed she was dead. Uh-oh.

This news sends Erica into a complete freak-out. Dead at 42? Panic! Doc Brown warned us about this – no-one should know too much about their own future. So, in order to dissuade Erica from wanting to know the ins and outs of her own future, Dr Tom sends her into a time loop where she has to repeat the day over and over again. There are some wildly satisfying scenes where she takes her anger out on people, virtually assaulting a bystander on the street because he’s happy and throwing a pen at Seth’s agent.

Eventually, Erica settles down, and with some help from Adam (Adam Fergus) she begins to see the situation in a more positive light. She handles Kai beautifully, catching up with his life since he moved on, but gently rebuffing his amorous advances. And when she returns to the meeting between Julieanne, Seth and his agent, she handles the situation so perfectly that it eventually scores the girls the contract to publish The Purple Door.


Well, Dr Tom blew a few notions out of the water for me this week. First, he didn’t know what happened to Erica in the future. That spooked me. Because if Erica was expected to complete the third phase of therapy and become a therapist herself, I figured Tom would know about that.

I half-theorise that you only become a therapist after death anyway. Remember back when Dr. Tom was having his crisis and Erica confronted him on a rooftop? He plunged off to his death. But not really. It just has me wondering “What if?”


  1. Dr. Naadiah has a serious problem with Dr. Tom. She says it’s all about his daughter and he’s seeing Erica as some kind of replacement for her. It’s clear that he’s very fond of Erica, otherwise why would he have travelled to the future to find out what had happened to her?
  2. And how do the therapists keep track of one another’s movements in time? Probably too much information.
  3. And why does Dr. Naadiah have a problem with Dr. Tom, when Dr. Fred is allowing all sorts of bending of the rules?
  4. Erica finds out her mother has cancer tonight. It’s not the devastating blow I expected, but the episode very cleverly paved the way by having Erica think about her own mortality. Obviously her mother’s next diagnosis will make a big difference.

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