Quick review: Lone Star, the pilot episode

I’ve just tuned in to the pilot episode of the heavily criticised new show Lone Star. Word is that the series is already on shaky ground as it performed abysmally, despite following Fox favourite, [[House (TV Series)|House]].

What is it? Well, think the movie Heartbreakers meets Dallas. Except the cons are nowhere near as sexy as Jennifer Love Hewitt and Signourney Weaver. They’re a father and son double act, infiltrating a multinational oil company with the intention of cleaning them out. The problem is, the son wants to go somewhat straight. The complication to the problem is that his father is pressing him to follow through on the con, and he’s in love with two women. By the end of the episode he’s a full-fledged bigamist.

I can almost see why this series doesn’t have instant appeal. Bob’s not very likeable. In part because we don’t really know which ‘Bob’ is the real one. There’s the one who sleeps with his girlfriend and has barbecues, there’s the Bob who’s got his foot in the door at his father-in-law’s oil company, and then there’s Conman Bob who we see with his father. 

As a whole, the cast seems to lack any kind of charisma, even the venerable Jon Voight. Sure, he’s menacing enough when he warns Bob that nobody double-crosses him or he’ll see it coming. You know what? It feels like Dirty Sexy Money without the Sexy. If I’m going to watch rich folks and their antics, I’d be happier to tune into Gossip Girl, thanks very much.

What I found most disturbing was the bigamy storyline. The disturbing thing was how little I actually cared. Neither woman seemed important enough to have claimed undying love for, let alone being in love with both.

Bottom line? All the ingredients for an interesting drama were there. Maybe all that’s needed is to add a little spice to make it more interesting, give us a reason to care for the main characters.

What do you think, Shout readers? Is it too soon to kill off this show, or should it be buried and forgotten about ASAP?

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