Quick review: Warehouse 13 Season 2 Finale

So Warehouse 13 wrapped up the story of Helena “HG” Wells in reasonably good style. I’ve struggled to classify this series properly though, and I’m settling for ‘enjoyable sci-fi themed romp’. It’s pure lightweight entertainment, but for me will probably never really leave a lasting impression or end up on my “must watch” list.

In places it feels awfully derivative, like how Pete and Myka feel like a Brennan and Booth from Bones. Like how it feels like a comedy version of Fringe or Torchwood where unusual tech was showing up in the wrong hands and causing trouble.

Anyway, the finale episode of this second season took us back to HG’s double-crossing the Warehouse crew as they tracked her down. Interestingly, Pete and Myka used the wings of Icarus to escape the second warehouse when it was rapidly filling up with sand. They follow HG to Paris, where she’s cunningly built a piece of a trident into her daughter’s coffin.

Once Artie works out where she’s going, he takes Myka to intercept her at Yellowstone, where she plans to use the artefact to start a supervolcano reaction that will trigger another Ice Age. And no Pierce Brosnan to save the world this time!

I have to say, the whole confrontation at Yellowstone felt laboured. Yes, great way to end civilisation as we know it – but a gross overreaction to HG’s grief and her opinion on society. What did work was Myka making it personal for her, putting a gun in her hand and telling her to pull the trigger. How easy to slaughter billions facelessly, but when you have to look into the eyes of your victim, it’s a different matter. I liked that part.

Elsewhere, Pete is dealing with a relationship problem – his girlfriend is being controlled by a murderous makeup compact. Previous owner, one brutal axe murderer. Yawn. Even though I haven’t watched much of this show, I knew that Pete being in a long-term relationship wasn’t going to be realistic.

In the end, Myka unexpectedly quits because she’s got a bee in her bonnet about her instincts. She thought HG was one of the good guys and she wasn’t. So, after only really feeling this over the course of one episode, she decides to quit. Again, I’m not invested enough to care, and the feeling I’m getting is this is a season finale thing and she’ll somehow be brought back next year. So yawn again.

Ultimately though, there were enough highs to make this a watchable episode, but it didn’t impress me much, thanks to weak plotting and awful special effects. I know I’ve said this before, but the FX on this show are unforgivably bad.

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