Rachael White is the first Big Brother 2010 evictee

Sniff sniff. Pass the tissues, love. [[Rachael White]] has just been evicted from the Big Brother house. This wasn’t supposed to happen. It was supposed to be [[Sunshine Martin|Sunshine]]!

The hairdresser and professional Beyonce Knowles lookalike got a double whammy – she wasn’t one of the original nominees. She only became eligible for eviction when [[Dave Vaughan]] won the right to reverse his nomination and swap it for someone else. He chose Rachael.

Theories abound as to how she managed to get enough votes to be evicted. Most people are pointing to the fact that as a rather confident pretty girl, she might have raised the hackles of the female audience. It’s plausible. I actually think she wrong-footed the female audience in another way. Even when John James’ verbal attack on her was at its worst, Rachael continued to gurn about how much she fancied him. Even I was screaming at my screen. Get some self-respect, love!

On a positive note, when Rachael came out of the house, she was extremely well received by the eviction night audience. Normally they’re professional jeerers, but these lot was in love with her. Quite a contrast to the heckling when she went into the house.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much of interest in her exit interview with [[Davina McCall]]…she doesn’t give much away. On the subject of John James, she says he’d made up his mind about her back at the start. And there’s a theory that he picked on her because he’d seen her getting booed when she entered the house.

And don’t get up your hopes for a Big Brother romance just yet. Rachael spills the non-beans, telling us that Nathan and Josie are quite touchy feely, but Shabby fancies Caoimhe and Mario fancies Ben, both of which we can safely label “Not gonna happen”.

On the upside, we can expect to see the lovely Rachael in lad’s mags any day now! Every cloud, my friends, has a silver, Beyonce-looking lining.

Extras: On Big Mouth, Dom Joly convincingly suggests that John James is an escaped Australian psycho killer, based on his anger management issues this week. And Rachael reveals that Ben has clammy massage fingers…yuck.

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  1. Rosie-Lee

    I wondered:

    a)  People actually felt sorry for her and thought she would be better off outside the house.

    b)  Girlie fans of JJ decided she should go.

    She didn’t really deserve to go.

  2. Trudy

    Personally I am not bothered she went I wanted it to be her or Sunshine.  I found Rachel very fake and a game player, all the tears over John James were so fake and for the camera she thought it would get her the sympathy vote. She was sitting there boasting about being in all the mags, pohoto shoots and being famous when she came out yet all she was is a arrogant beyonce look a like, couldn’t be herself tried to be someone else and then cries when told that she was just a housemate nothing special,maybe it could have been said differently but it was the truth. As for liking John James to me Rachel gave the impression that she liked herself and it was all about her, she thought all the men would be dropping at her feet and didn’t like it when they weren’t. She had no personality and I know I’m not a man but surely you need more than a pair of boobs to make her a interesting housemate and she didn’t have anything else. Sorry if this post sounds harsh but thats my opinion Rachel was fake and arrogant so not bothered she has gone.

    1. Rosie-Lee

      I am convinced her tears were genuine when JJ was shouting at her.  She didn’t stand in the middle of the room and bawl, she slipped away to cry.  Regardless of how vacuous and wannabe she was, she didn’t deserve all that.  My main criticism of her is that she didn’t stand up for herself but continued to tell JJ that she liked him, so I don’t think she is the brightest bulb in the box.  We didn’t get a chance to see if she would shine, because she wasn’t there long enough – another reason why I am puzzled at JJ’s behaviour, as he hadn’t really got to know her well enough to go off on one like that.

    2. Gerard McGarry

      Hi Trudy – so you won’t be buying the Rachael White 2011 Calendar then? 🙂

      Funnily enough, I had a hard time finding her ‘sexy’ because she seemed to have a very puppy fat kind of figure. You know what I mean?

      I will say though that what made her an interesting housemate was that she did think that men should be falling at her feet. Instead, they seemed quite indifferent to her, and there are very few eligible men in the house anyway. She clearly felt a need to have a man or the attention of men, which in itself is quite vacuous, but at the same time, aren’t you even a little bit interested to see how she would have fared if she’d had to fall back on her personality to succeed instead of her looks?

  3. Trudy

    I am not sure that Rachel has a personality, I think she has always managed to get through life by using her body to get what she wants, I mean in a flirty way not anything seedy. As you say Gerard she is used to having men fall all over her and she said something similar herself in her interview with Davina, I think she was shocked that she did not have the same affect on the men in the house. She came across as pretty desparate where John James was concerned as if she couldn’t believe that she was unable to get him to fall at her feet. If he had talked to me like that I wouldn’t then tell people I still fancied him, but I think she did herself no favours with her attitude on being famous when she came out and true to form today she is semi-dressed in the papers.

    She would have been better off being herself instead of a Beyonce copycat, but I am not sure that Racheal knows what herself is as she seems to act as if the only purpose in life is too have men falling over themselves to be with her a bit like Noreen last year. Deep down she maybe completely different but I don’t think we would have seen a different side to her as she is focused on being a sex object which is a shame really.

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