Rachel Chu sets X Factors Manchester auditions off to a tuneless start

Rachel Chu from Manchester via Hong Kong is the first auditionee on tonight’s [[The X Factor 2010|X Factor]]. She starts off a bit nervous with Saving All My Love For You. The judges are surprised to learn that she’s actually 44 years old.

It’s a window-shattering start to the evening as Rachel screeches her way through the song. Until Simon Cowell puts his hand up to stop her.

Simon tells her that she needs to do this kind of thing behind closed doors. Nicole Scherzinger wonders if she and music weren’t in the same room during that audition, and Louis Walsh tells her that “we like you, just not your singing”.

My first clue that she wasn’t going to be much of a pop star were the Ugg boots. They didn’t exactly scream ‘star quality’ at me. If you’re going to audition for this show, at least dress the part. Nicole’s earnest attempts to give her good advice were appreciated, but I’d have preferred if she’d thrown some rotten vegetables at her instead.

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