Rage Against The Machine beat X Factor to the Christmas Number 1

Why yes, yes they have! Rage Against The Machine have beaten [[Joe McElderry]]’s The Climb to the #1 spot this Christmas. It’s just been confirmed via the Radio 1 chart countdown, but we heard on Twitter earlier that Killing In The Name has officially outsold the X Factor winner’s single!

In the most tense chart battle in years, Scott Mills played a number of comments from fans of both artists. Lisa’s done a good post about X Factor’s previously unbroken string of Christmas Number One‘s.

I’m a tiny bit gutted for Joe, because I genuinely liked him –  a gracious, humble guy with a good voice. Unfortunately, [[The X Factor 2009|X Factor]] this year for me was a complete washout. And I think a lot of people are buying Rage Against The Machine as a way of registering their displeasure at the show. And yes, probably at [[Simon Cowell]] too.

For four years, the same crap has topped the Christmas chart – That’s My Goal, A Moment Like This, When You Believe and Hallelujah – big power ballads with the overblown key changes and gospel choirs and glitter falling from the skies and pyrotechnics. It’s boring. And it’s refreshing that people have stood up and said we’re tired of “bland pop mediocrity” (Tom Morello’s words). What Cowell’s been doing for years is selling essentially the same song, over and over again, with a different person.

It got so bad, Peter Kay made the nation double over in laughter last year with his Britain’s Got The Pop Factor in which he gave the winner’s song to an overweight Belfast transsexual called Geraldine McQueen. He did it so successfully that surely Cowell would realise how predictable the winner’s song would be. Well, he didn’t.

And after the most shambolic X Factor in years, I think people are just tired of all the bullshit. So, maybe it’s time for Simon to prick his ears up and listen to the music fans for once.

Well done, Rage Against The Machine! The last Christmas Number 1 of the decade! And commiserations to Joe, who was sadly caught up in all this. We hope Simon Cowell does the right thing by him and gives him a contemporary sound next year. And clearly, Simon, there’s a lot of learning to be done from this episode….

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