Random Youtube Review – Rhythm Of The Night Acoustic – Scott Winstanley

After watching X Factor and seeing the dire “all together now” version of “Rhythm Of The Night” by Corona it did get me feeling a bit nostolgic.  I remember such songs like this playing during my school days of getting rejected by girls, beat up by morons and climbing mobile phone masts.  I digress however, I am also a fan of acoustic performances, I feel the stripped down bare basics of a song can give it to you the way it is, no bleeps, no robot drums no vocoding.  I really enjoyed the original song and still do today, whether this is the quality of the song or the nostalgic value I don’t know.  It did lead me to type into YouTube “rhythm of the night acoustic”, expecting to find some hum drum versions as you sometimes do.  What I found was much more than that, I clicked on the Live Lounge version of Scott Winstanley performing this track and I was blown away.  

Scott’s vocal is the first thing that got me, to my ears he sounds a little like James Morrison with a bit of gravel, not the voice you would associate with a song like this but he makes it work.  Secondly anyone who know’s the original will appreciate how difficult it can be to make it recognisable via an acoustic guitar (or two in this instance) but again, it is pulled off with ease, a steady  beat bringing a cosy warmness to the song.  The song is represented as a warm cry out for help for someone in love as opposed to a dance beat which overrode the original lyrics.

Give it a listen and see what you think!

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