Rating The Acts! X Factor Week Five

Another week has gone by, and this time, thankfully, without much gossip. Kelly returned, apparently holding no grudge (yeah…) towards Tulisa, Gary summoned the judges to talk about the contestants (yeah…) and themes were changed mid-week. I am not entirely clear what it is now, but with this panel, the theme really doesn’t matter. With this covered, let’s get to the performances now, shall we?

First of all, I’d like to say that this week was inconsequential. I did not see any progress, any shocker, or anything out of the ordinary. Just a week of performances, like a cup of tea after a boring morning. With that in mind, I’ll rank the acts.

On The First Place, it’s Misha B! It was a hard decision to put her there, because the second place performance was equally good, but I give her this place because of one thing: The Bottom 2. It’s tough to get thrown in the very bottom of the competition and to find the strength to come out swinging. Misha did just that. While I will say that the song choice was lazy, the performance was copied from the original artist, the song itself was a very good vehicle to showcase Misha’s vocals and fun side. Not a fan of the “Nha Nha” laugh, but hey, the singing was awesome.

On The Second Place, it’s Marcus. Marcus has been one of the people I always got frustrated with. I always thought he was lacking in something. Tonight Marcus brought the house down, not with a contemporary song which everyone knows and sings along to, but with an old-school performance of a really old song. I Wikipedia-d it, and it said 1952. When Louis was born. Not to lose perspective, awesome pitch, voice, dancing, control. The boy can sing. Really well.

On The Third Place, we have Little Mix. I really would hate to jinx the girls, because I like them, but they are awesome. I can’t remember a girl group that was that good on the X Factor. The song was a nice choice, and the delivery was flawless, but in the end, it left me missing something. The song itself was not arranged in a get up and dance format, so maybe that’s it. Anyways, I would like for people to vote for the girls, as I believe that this is clearly, a girl’s year.

Moving on, on The Fourth Spot, I place Kitty. Kitty is one of my favorites (There! I said it!). Her work ethic, originality and consistency have won me over. Week after week, she’s been good, always in my top three. This week has been rough on her, and I blame the song choice. Why? For two reasons. Because The song was incredibly slow paced for her, maybe to leave her an opportunity to dance (which apparently she doesn’t do well), and because Frenchie Davis brought this song to church, and there is little I enjoy more than up-tempo gospel music with giant vocals. However, it was not a bad performance by any means; it’s just that by my standards, Kitty fell short.

Craig is on The Fifth Spot. The guy can sing, but this week he showed me that his voice has absolutely no variation. He is always going to sound the same, with or without an up-tempo song. I don’t see anything special in him, just your average good singer. There are tons of good singers, but there are very few artists. I really hope I’m wrong, because he seems like a nice guy, but I don’t think he could make it.

The Risk are on The Sixth Spot. These guys seem like the puzzle my little sister used to do when she was little. She didn’t like a part, so she moved it. Another part was just too useless there, so she removed it, and another was just inappropriate so she changed it. Right now, we are just there with them. Because of the constant changing of group members, they haven’t found their footing yet, and their performance suffers. I do believe they can be okay, because I have seen them be just that, but right now, we’re just not there. And get the guy’s cap off. And tell him not to rap anymore. You know who I mean.

Janet disappoints her way to The Seventh Spot. She forgot the lyrics (I am guessing a song change), looked incredibly uncomfortable, forced a whole lotta emotion outside, and generally destroyed everything she did to her musical profile the weeks before. The pressure is just too high, and while people think Misha B was the one who was going to crack, it apparently is Janet. She needs a week off. Or maybe good mentoring, Kelly.

Johnny frightens me to The Eighth Spot. It was a musical exorcism. First Johnny comes out singing Madonna, with his head voice, then he butch-es it up, and sings another song, forcing out a scary, guy voice (which to most males comes natural) in the most aggressively bad performance I have ever seen. While the Madonna song was nice (Grain of salt, people. By Johnny’s standards), the other one really wasn’t. Human.

The Last Spot is Frankie’s. Which is horrible. If he was air, we’d be all dead.


Final thoughts: Kylie Minogue looks just like Dannii. And Gary Barlow has to answer to the British legends who paved the way for him to sing, for Frankie Cocozza. “I promised myself I wouldn’t lie.” Bull****! Tonight is a double elimination night, so maybe he’ll go.


EDIT:The Bottom 3 was composed of The Risk, Johnny and Kitty. The Risk went immediately, while Johnny and Kitty battled it out. Kitty got through to next week. Wagner Frankie lives to fight another day.

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  1. ThatOne

    There was just one contestant who performed like a real star capable of selling albums and filling stadiums:  Misha B.  She did indeed show huge mental strength to come out swinging, metaphorically and literally, but she made substantial changes to a song that does not lend itself that well to personalisation.  Proud Mary is a pretty simple song, with just one hook, (the change in the tempo), so very easy to destroy if the singer goes too far.  Misha sang it the way a modern 19-yr-old saw it, and came up with a little gem which gave this old man a lot of pleasure without too much nostalgia.

    I was struck by Misha’s great rapport with her dancers.  X Factor only uses the very best and most professional dancers, and there they were high-fiving and applauding a 19-yr-old neophyte, who applauded them back.  Misha will make herself a very good place in the music industry.

    The others were just so-o-o-o bland.  Marcus does have a pulse, which gets him my second place as well, but nothing about his very competent performance screamed “STAR!”.  Marcus is not very different to Joe McElderry, and Joe had a fortunate career-saver when he became a pleasant and successful light classical tenor.  Marcus will need a similar sharp turn if he is to last.

    I know it counts for nothing, but Johnny’s attempt to save himself was the weekend’s best example of singing. Louis’s tears were too late to save a contestant he mis-managed atrociously.

    Finally, Tulisa has messed up a few more people’s lives.  First she chopped and changed her groups, then she slandered Misha B in public and nearly got her sent home, and now The Risk have been sent home on the back of an incredibly tepid performance which stood out by its lack of invention and guidance. Tulisa would have done well to accept Kelly’s offer of help.  As it is Tulisa is a real bull in a china shop, out of control, and showing very little and very unconvincing remorse.

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