Rating The Acts! X Factor Week Four

Wow! Wow wow wow! After a week of drama and sensationalism, I really though this week’s live shows would be terrible. I mean, was I wrong to assume this? To get everyone up to speed, Kelly left for the US following Tulisa’s bully accusations towards Misha. While there, she got a viral infection on her throat and the doctors prohibited her from flying. So Alexandra Burke, winner of the fifth series, stood in her place. In other news, Rythmix changed their name to Little Mix, and The Risk lost Ashley and gained Ashford, from Nu Vibe. He was the one that could sing. That’s about it, I think.

Again, I say, this was the best episode in a long time, and I was very excited to see some of my favorite acts step it up. In fact, everyone stepped it up tonight. Without further ado, I’m going to my classification.

The First Place is awarded to Kitty. On my first post, I said I didn’t care enough to hate her. Now I love her. The girl is a badass. She is a raging bowl of ideas, ideas that range from the sexy to the dangerous. I love it all. Kitty sings Sweet Dreams, a nice song, but she does the Marilyn Manson version which is a killer tune. The nasal quality of her voice was inaudible this week, and that was because her control over her voice has increased ten fold. I am a bit grumpy because I was expecting a scream after the “some of them was to use you, etc.” but if the girl keeps going this way, Britain has no right to hate her. GO KITTY!

The Second Place is awarded to Craig Colton, who, for the first time gave a sensational performance. I have always loved his voice: it has a power and a color that is very genuine and truthful, but Craig would always find a way to botch it. One time it was the arrangement, another time it was the shifting registers, but tonight he came out with a renewed energy. He sounded amazing, he looked confident: he actually strutted around the stage. His eyes were sizzling with emotion. Great performance. This is what growth looks like.

I award The Third Place to the newly renamed Little Mix, who sing E.T. The song choice was unconventional, because Halloween has to do with the demonic, not the extraterrestrial, but what the hell, right? The performance was super creepy: the girls were sitting on swings (which descended from the sky), with white faces (like marionettes), while singing a very harmonic, very dark version of the Katy Perry song. I was amazed at the growth, again, and at the tightness of the harmonies. I liked what Alexandra said, I would rather buy a song from these four, than from Cheryl’s former group. Little Mix kicked ass tonight!

On The Fourth Spot, I place Misha B. I like Misha. I have liked her first audition, and I have loved her Rolling in the Deep. I don’t know when it happened, but Misha became one of those performers who lack something. Her voice is very good, it just needs a little work with holding notes, instead of vibrating and putting somewhat of a melisma to them. Her stage presence is undeniable, and her style actually makes me laugh. I mean seriously, hair-horn? That’s awesome. But I believe that Misha shouldn’t be in this competition. I believe that she is one of those artists which excel at their own songs, because they feel them. So far, excluding those two performances I mentioned, she hasn’t given me much emotion. When she does the rap, she lights up, when she sings she kinda tries to push it through. But again, her vocal performance is brilliant. I am being extra harsh on her, because I think that out of all of this year’s contestants, she has the ability to do something original. But she shouldn’t have entered. She won’t win.

Next up, with The Fifth Spot, Iiiiiiit’s Johnny. After weeks of begging, Johnny gets a ballad. A Big Band ballad at that. I had never heard that song, but Johnny killed it. I admit, I didn’t have much hope for the guy. All his performances were sung in his higher register, so I decided he couldn’t sing well enough to maintain a ballad, without sounding “drag-queen-y”. But he amazed me tonight, pulling out a musical sensibility and delivery I never thought he had. Gary got up and hugged him (an act that made Johnny crazy: I mean, we all know he loves Gary) for a well done performance. Bravo Johnny. Not a joke act after all.

Janet takes The Sixth Spot. I love her voice: her whole ethereal, intangible, yet powerful quality of it. The song started strong, but she missed a lot more than notes. Her lower register seemed shallow. Yet, this is not a singing competition, so I believe one of week won’t damage her much. It wasn’t all bad, but again, like Misha, she has the potential to do much better.

The Seventh Spot is Marcus’s. Marcus is a nice guy. Everyone loves his smile. It’s that smile, that according to me, damages him. Even though he was all dressed in black, with hi arms showing, while he danced (I think he’s the only guy who dances), I couldn’t shake the feeling that the performance seemed a bit neutered. He seems innocuous. His performance lacks in substance because of it. Image is very important on a live performance, Marcus. Maybe you should try some System of a Down song, just to give yourself some anger. Or passion.

Sophie is on The Eighth Spot. Girl can sing. She really can, but she has zero personality and because of that, she can’t infuse anything on her songs. When you sing (and you’re a good singer), you are putting a stamp on your song. She has no stamp to put. Also, the performance seemed very old fashioned. Like, Edith Piaf if she was bored. And asleep.

The Risk are awarded The Ninth Spot. Understandably. They lost a member, they gained another, and they were given Michael Jackson. Not that the latter is a detriment, but there is a certain amount of expectations people have when he is mentioned. The performance’s harmonies were inexistent: just four guys singing over one another, and Ashton needs a little time to (I hate this word) “gel”. Overall, meh. But they get a free pass this week.

And last we have Frankie, which on my blogs, has always been on The Last Spot. While on other weeks I have been too angry at people (the ones that are keeping him) to even comment on Frankie, this week I detected a little improvement, so I have to give credit were credit is due. His intonation has improved, and I loved the girls and the pillows. That’s the best I can do. On the negative side, I will mention his inability to approach even the most linear of songs, his limited range, his crass voice and lack of musical sensitivity, and the fact that he couldn’t work the stage if his life depended on it. All in all, awful. But a better awful than last week.

Final Thoughts: Great Halloween performances: the dead should be pleased. I didn’t miss Kelly at all, to be honest. Please vote for Kitty, because the girl deserves it. Alexandra does the mama bear gig very well. And that’s that.

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EDIT: Sophie and Misha found themselves on the Bottom Two. Girls sang, Kelly called in from the US, in her sick voice (she has a throat infection, mind you), and for the first time in X Factor history I think, Sophie was unanimously booted off the X Factor. Meanwhile, Frankie is histerically laughing backtage. I hope Tulisa will mention this in her next “inappropriate rant”. I guess I have the Last Spot for next week’s review all figured out. Lucky Me!

EDIT 2: Misha B’s Bottom Two performance was the performance of the season. Why, oh Why didn’t she do that before? Shame on the British public for landing her there, but maybe that’s the wake-up call she needed to cut the styling crap and get serious on her vocal performances.

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  1. zappy wagner mk 2

    Your absolutely correct in what you say, didnt they all do well they all stepped up the mark this week but im not entirely sure kelly left over a bust up! she dont have to get permission from her doctor to fly, these people fly in private jets! Who can stay away from home so long without getting back to sort various affairs as she does live a megga busy life!

    Regards kitty, I voted for her last night simply because she is the whole package, the drama, the theatrical shows etc… and i feel she will sit comfortably with the high flying life style!

    Misha B was my second vote because she is pardon the tina turner pun ‘simply the best’ –  thats who she reminds me of vocally lol..

    Johnny was good but i cant help thinking sometimes the voice is a but to squeeky and camp for my taste! hes a lovely guy though and quite sharp with the wit!

    Little mix I thought was their best ever performance, credible enough to do their own concerts but their previous shows was a bit to false to me but last night very proffesional – keep it up girls!

    Sophie is weak but she is deffo the girl next door we all want to marry. I think she looks better off the show dressed casual, she is a natural beauty but her voice is a little amateur to me although I do realise they are all amateurs.

    Misha dont need to win she has won already! she will get the big contracts, money and fame regardless. she will not fade away she is going to be the next ‘will young’

    God only knows whats behind the story with the risk? who in the right mind would give up that opertunatey? something is going on that we aint supose to know about and the little mix name change seems a bit bizarre, they didnt have to change the name just because of this other objecting charity. many businesses bare the same names or simililar! to avoid a breach of copyright they only have to change the spelling and its a completely different thing – group name in comparison to a charity. they only did it as a publicity stunt to get their charity noticed, so why change the name, i would tell um to bog off and get real!

    Lets see if my votes counted for something tonight?!!!


    1. Silvio R

      I am glad that someone voted for Kitty. Girl’s brilliant, but her famewh0re way have put many people off her. And for the guy who left The Risk, I totally agree. I don’t get how he left. I read on the main site that it as for religious reasons. I guess he should go to America and sing gospel.

      I totally fogot about the clock change. I was waiting to see who left…

  2. ThatOne

    It’s fairly certain that the guy who left the Risk was pushed, and that the announcement was delayed while XF sorted out some hush-money.  All part of geeing the show up a bit, clearing out a contestant who didn’t show enough enjoyment, giving the media something contentious to report and discuss? The only bad publicity is no publicity.

    Let’s have Misha Bryan out of there, and sent to Kelly’s very influential friends in the US to put a finishing coat of polish to her fabulous talent. That would really get the media into a frenzy…

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