Rating The Acts! X Factor Week Seven

Hello everyone! Welcome to movie week, a week that in previous years, has given us the classic Jedward performance of Ghostbusters. That is a standard in X factor history folks. Know it!

To be 100% in synchrony with the theme, I went and watched Breaking Dawn. Awful movie, btw. Laughed the whole way through. I missed X Factor, but I watched the performances on YouTube, so, if some X Factor contestant pulled out a secret daughter this week, I have missed it. I also don’t know what the judges said.

This week, Silvio’s Awesome Classification of Performances is as follows:

On The First Place, by a clear mile, It’s Little Mix. Seriously, no contest at all. The harmonies were on the money, the song choice was incredible, the delivery was natural and organic, and the style was thankfully, not colorful. In my book, the girls have placed themselves in the top three. I don’t have enough good words about the girls. And a shout at Tulisa too, who has been working amazingly with them.

On The Second Place, it’s Amelia Lily. I didn’t like the song choice. Think is a classic, there in no one who doesn’t know this song, and it has been covered to death. This was not Amelia’s song. It’s like taking Michael Schumacher, on his glory days, and putting him on a motorcycle. He’s gonna drive it, of course, because the instincts are there, the talent is there, and all of that, but he’s not gonna be 100% convincing or organic. That’s what I felt about Amelia tonight. She has an amazing voice, which reminds me of Anastacia’s strength, but not range, but the song was too slow and too mellow (?) for her. Nice effort though.

On The Third Place, we have Marcus. What did you say, Marcus has a big production???!!! No way. That is so not like him… For the 7th week in a row, Marcus is doing the same thing. Okay, we get it. You can handle that. This week though, Gary though he threw a smoke screen to us, because he made the dancers into a gospel choir. Which didn’t work by the way. Misha is the one who should’ve had the choir. Or Amelia. The other people can’t handle it. Indeed he didn’t, because the arrangement was incredibly inappropriate when you have 40 people ready to scream their lungs off. If you have the choir, use the choir Gary. His vocals, Marcus’s were good though.

The Fourth Place belongs to Misha. WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOU MISHA? It was a stupid decision to get her to sing Whitney. She is not Whitney. She is Misha B, the singer who killed Rolling In The Deep, Respect, Proud Mary. All the while doing her own thing. We cannot expect her to be brilliant in something she doesn’t believe in. That’s the core of an artist. The connection. Misha has lost it, or Kelly made her lose it or something, because this performance was below par.

On The Fifth Place we have Janet. Who makes a come back. Well, somewhat of a comeback. She sang a pretty song, while wearing a pretty dress, while looking pretty. The only thing that was not pretty was her spine, because it was inexistent. She has tons of followers though, the deaf kind, so she’s gonna stick around for some time. What she’s not giving me, to be brief, is an identity beyond the lullabies she sings every week. If that’s all she can do, then that’s not good enough.

The Sixth Place is Craig’s. By far the weakest performance of the night. So old, and boring and lackluster. So colorless. Craig, it’s time to go mate. Leave the Liverpool votes to Marcus.

And with Craig we conclude this night’s X Factor. If my wishes came true, Craig and Janet would go on the bottom two, with the former leaving. But I predict (with the hope I’ll jinx it and she won’t be) Misha will be on the bottom again. Although, if they keep Misha, Little Mix and Amelia, I’m happy.

Final Thoughts: How awesome was Lady Gaga with Kitty last week? Seriously brilliant. I just might buy one of her singles because of that alone. Gaga made a lot of friends that night.

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  1. Dara Hickey

    I found Little Mix’s performance to be horribly regemented. No variety at all, and some of the vocals were very wobbly. The styling was also hopeless. I just find them very uninventive and their harmonies lack so much pallor it’s hard not to worry about the possibility of one of them keeling over mid-performance.

    Marcus’ performance wouldn’t have been half as entertaining were it not for the choir. There’s something no right about that pink suit, but then again, suavé swing kings can get away with whatever colour they want. He’s found his niche; he’s entertaining, and boy does he ooze charisma, but a ballad is what we need now.

    Janet’s song choice was absolutely perfect. I found she was far more engaged with the lyrics than she’s ever been. After failing to hit the mark with the public by going to two extremes over the last couple of weeks, it’s nice to see her find the balance between dark, dramatic and moody and quirky girl with a charming voice. 

    Craig’s voice is beautifully full-boided, like James Morrison’s without the rusty gargling thing he does. It has a very mature tone too, but the song choice was naff, no matter what bullshit Gary uses to defend himself with. I get the feeling he’s more involved with retaining his own pride than the quality of his acts. Mind you, a nice performance, but he’s not looking certified for next week.

    Amelia was alright. I saw straight through her performance last week and was barely wowed at all. The only reason she got such a response was all the effects, heightening her performance, and the fact she was kicked out in Sophie Habibis’ stead. She basically did what Kitty was doing, so no real loss in anything other than the pomposity stakes. Nice to see the bubblegum rock re-appear, but the whole thing screamed Christina tribute.

    I say what I’ve said thus far because I prefer to give opinions based on not what we’ve seen in the past, but instead, how they performed on the night. It was beyond a joke that Misha’s entire VT consisted of her crying, crying whilst talking to Kelly, crying whilst reading the tabloids (insert thick skin here) or taking a break from rehearsal to have a little cry. And then, she goes and cries after her performance. Not good enough. Then it got glossed over as emotions from the song, rather than the fact she just murdered said song. Girl needs to book a train home before next week’s flood of bias is tossed towards her, whilst we watch in despair at how she can’t even catch it and channel it into something profitable before it depreciates exponentially in her hands.

    Dead certs for next week: Marcus, Little Mix, Amelia

    Wobbly ground: Misha, Craig

    Janet’s a hard one to call, though I’d put money on her being safe for maybe one more week. Personally I’d like to see the backs of Misha and Little Mix first.

    1. Silvio R

      Wow, for the first time, I disagree with almost everything. The three points I want to bring out though, are Janet, Craig and Amelia.

      Janet has a long way to go. She hasn’t found her musical personality yet. Or maybe she has, but she still hasn’t worked it all out yet. I don’t see the song as a balance between the dark and moody, I see it as a clear subjugation to the competiton.

      Craig has no personality. The voice, I will say, is very good, but it doesn’t matter. There is no color in his voice, because he has nothing to say. The horrible songs he has sometimes been given haven’t helped much.

      Amelia is not Kitty. Amelia is angry and has something to prove. This is what makes her performances look forced sometimes. She was discarded by a mentor who now is welcoming her with open arms, she has been given the cold shoulder by almost every contestant in the house. It’s very obvious that this affects her performance. However, you yourself should recognise that her voice is pretty powerful, and whoever dares to sing Piece of My Heart, is certainly no bubblegum rocker in my book.

      That’s all folks!

  2. ThatOne

    Your comments on Misha are disgraceful.  They are as cowardly as Tulisa’s attack which ignited the whole problem, because, like Tulisa, you know that Misha has no way of replying to your attack.

    It’s also an ignorant attack,  because you do not know what really inspired Tulisa’s original attack. Your whole attitude is unacceptably biased: none of the allegations against Misha were substantiated by any of the supposed “victims”.  With barbaric stances like yours a great talent is being pulverised in public; bull-fighting is civilised in comparison.

    So: disgraceful; cowardly; ignorant; biased and barbaric.  You are lucky I have exercised restraint.

    1. Dara Hickey

      That was hardly restraint. You sound like Hemingway high on a thesaurus of superlatives. I know very well what inspired Tulisa’s original attack. I do not care that Misha has been branded a bully – I never for once believed in such bare-faced propoganda. Her “bullying” probably amounted to little more than arguing that some frock looked better on her than on Janet. My comments on Misha’s performance were in no way “barbaric”; I hardly babble. I say what I have to say and mince no words, so your claims of cowardice as also ridiculous as I am, and always have been, openly outspoken in my critique. You are trying to defy me of my opinion on such a medium as music, whereupon practically anything can be seen as negative to one man and positive to another. It’s ridiculous that you are also being contradictory in your accusations – calling me biased. I am viewing from an objective stance whereby I comment on the performance. It was dullard and lacklustre in comparison to performances like ‘Proud Mary’. If I paid £150 to see Misha B on tour I would expect her to pull her act together, get on stage and give a good performance, regardless of what’s happening backstage. Any credible artist would do the same.

      The comparison to bull-fighting is laughable. So is the warning that I am “lucky” that you haven’t completely flown off the handle. I can’t think what else you could’ve done other that move to personal abuse, which you already have done. You’re clearly riled, but no number of attacks you could write are going to change my opinion.

      Still, horses for courses, as they say.

    2. Silvio R

      You yourself have said:

      “She is the only act this year who has never simpered while she sings, never given one of Craig’s nauseating “please love me, I’m really a cute little puppy” smiles straight down the camera, never replaced a note with an angelic puff of breath ending in a strange strangled yodel like Janet.”

      I would think, that given this incredibly unprofessional slip from your golden standard you’d be the first one to jump at her throat. Or at the very least at the production’s throat. But no, you choose to bash the only person who came out and said that something was seriously wrong. I would have said it myself, but I didn’t watch the whole show last night, and when I watched it today, I was too lazy to go on and rewrite the whole thing.

      I understand that Misha was terribly sad at what was happening to her. I would be too, maybe even more so. But as Kelly said to Tulisa, what happens backstage should stay backstage. Or is it another double standard they have on the show? I wouldn’t know, you gotta ask both the lovers and the haterz in moments like this.

      Dara might be too harsh or too much of a perfectionist. At the very least he isn’t two faced.

    3. Gerard McGarry

      Wow, I wasn’t expecting to log on this evening and see THIS! Epic showdown, but let’s calm it down a little, shall we?

      ThatOne, I have to admit that I myself said on Twitter last night that I thought Misha’s VT was completely overblown. Remember, we’re watching X Factor here, a show that doesn’t mind manipulating things for dramatic purposes. My own comment may have been a tad harsher than Silvio or Dara:

      I often go to my mentor to cry about my estranged parents in front of a full camera crew. That’s how we do it in the ghetto.

      I won’t wade into the wider debate here, other than to say that this is all about opinions, as Dara rightly said. You’re both entitled to your opinions, but there’s no sense attacking each other over something so subjective. I like Misha, but I think Dara’s comments are on point. She sang well on Saturday, but it wasn’t true to what I expect from her as an artist. She turned in her first karaoke performance of the season, in my opinion.

  3. kushanova

     Clearly they want people to feel sorry for her and vote. Typical sob story. A whole two minutes of Kelly & Misha crying…Just what i wanted to watch on a singing competition. I hope she’s gone this week as well. I’m sure some of the other contestants could cry on screen too. 

  4. ThatOne

    I stand by every word I wrote. It was quite remarkable that Misha managed to go on stage, let alone sing.  It seems the public have understood that.

    Bullying someone accused of being a bully is crass hypocrisy, particularly in Misha’s case where the allegations have not been substantiated, and there is no way the apologies from Tulisa and Louis could repair the damage they had done to Misha as a person and as a singer.  Misha has had to grit her teeth and get through it. She didn’t need those very real and very painful family problems either…  Most 19-year-olds would fold under the pressure of that alone.

    Misha could not hide her very real pain.  Who could have? It sure revived Kelly’s memories of her father, and I’m not surprised she found that a bit tough.

    Finally, do not forget that the recordings and editing of the little intro clips which are played while the stage is being set are all entirely managed by the XF producers. Saying/writing hurtful things about people requires research.

  5. Gerard McGarry

    I take your points on board, ThatOne, but it’s worth noting that not everything on TV is as it appears, and manipulation is a large part of this show. And it’s not bullying to register one’s cynicism of a programme that’s shown time and again that it’s manipulative.

    Misha could not hide her very real pain. Who could have? It sure revived Kelly’s memories of her father, and I’m not surprised she found that a bit tough.

    I have to ask you – what makes it OK that any of that very private matter was televised? If it’s not OK to mention the bullying situation live on air, why is it OK to use your private family matters to garner support?

    Anyway, I can tell you that I run the @unrealitytv Twitter account, and the vast majority of tweets I saw about Misha’s tears were highly cynical of her motives for allowing all of that to be filmed. I mean, how natural do you think it was that a camera crew happened to be in the room while that discussion went on?

    Also worth mentioning that I’m highly sceptical that Misha was even involved in any bullying. That sounded very much like a smear campaign to me, and it still does. The X Factor has worked very hard to distance itself from that debacle as well. If anything, I get the impression that Misha was merely a little bit full of herself after a few weeks of good comments, nothing as dramatic as bullying the others.

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