Rating The Acts! X Factor Week Six

Am I being too dramatic if I say that this was the most blessed week in X Factor history? I believe not. Mid week, reports emerged that Frankie was kicked off the show for inappropriate behavior, which, is, expected. I was not surprised. Some days after, he said it was because of drugs. Again, no need for a poker face. The second good thing was that the first acts to be eliminated, the ones the judges kicked out of their team, because they were lacking in potential, or because they had better people in, one of these acts could get into the competition again. The lucky winner of this opportunity was Amelia.

First of all, let me just rejoice in this. I hated, HATED Kelly for keeping Sophie, or as it turns out, Janet, over Amelia. I also hated Tulisa for the same decisions, but not with that intensity. Gary, on the other hand, was loathed for keeping Frankie, but that’s beside the point. So now, for the girl to return to a mentor that discarded her, it seems incredibly hypocritical, not of Amelia, who is an artist in need of a shot, but of Kelly’s. Is she welcoming her back? Is she happy to see her? Would she rather get Sophie back? Hmmm.

To get to the ranking, the theme this week was Gaga vs. Queen. Okay, methinks, anthems and contemporary songs. It didn’t turn out quite that way. It was mid-tempo week.

The First Spot goes to the revived Amelia Lily. Undoubtedly the best performance of the night. Amelia came on, with a fortified confidence, a brilliant attitude and a voice. The best voice in the competition, I think. Unlike Kitty, it has no nasal quality. Unlike Janet, it has a lot more range. Unlike Misha, it has much more emotion. I can’t really compare it to Little Mix, because they have harmonies on their sleeves, and to compare it to the boys’ would be unfair. Her voice has substance that is both transcendent and very well projected. I liked her Billie Jean the first week, but I loved her Show Must Go On this week. My allegiances have changed. Sorry Misha. I’m a rock guy.

The Second Spot goes to Misha B. While I will commend her vocal performance, I am back to the point I was before she went to the bottom 2. Misha can’t always project. Her Use Somebody was the performance of the season, for sure, because she believed and felt what she sang. I don’t think Misha is Born That Way, I think she should be left alone to do her own thing. She is not reality competition material. She is hear-her-and-sign-her material.

The Third Place goes to Little Mix. Gary, mentor of Craig the balladeer and Marcus the big performance guy, think the girls are getting predictable. Pot, kettle, black, Frankie come to mind. But I won’t dignify his comment with a full response. To get to the point, the girls’ vocals are astonishing at this point, the individual voices and harmonies are worthy of this stage on the competition and I really would enjoy a record from the girls. If Misha or Amelia doesn’t win it, I would be more than happy if Little Mix wins. They deserve it.

The Fourth Place goes to Marcus. I don’t remember a time when he came out without an army of dancers. That says to me, that he can’t command the stage by himself. I am inclined to agree with Tulisa, Marcus is predictable. While it was not a bad performance, it really had no relevance. If you were at a record company, and someone pitched this to you, you’d go and get a glass of water. And return to catch the end of the song. Let the guy shine, Barlow. Get rid of the props.

The Fifth Spot goes to Kitty. Like Marcus, Kitty gave an irrelevant performance. Again, I cannot stress enough the whole “projecting” thing. You shouldn’t sing a song you don’t feel. You can’t be an artist if you have nothing to say. With this performance, Kitty didn’t tell me anything. A waste of time, really. She’s one below Marcus, who was basically on the same boat, because the nasal tone made a return this week. Whoope…

The Sixth Spot goes to Craig. On YouTube it said that after doing a high energy number last week, Craig decided to do a ballad this week. I don’t know if they were insinuating that by doing this he was trying to shake things up. Because if that was it, it would be ridiculous. To the point of being sad. Craig is irrelevant. A nice singer, but without originality, versatility or charm. I think he should go to Broadway. They like big guys with big voices there. And maybe, when you learn how to translate feelings into words, come back Craig.

The Seventh Spot goes to Janet. Kelly obviously wanted to bring back the magic of her first audition with this song. It failed horribly. That performance could put a 17 year old to sleep. That performance could bore tsunamis to tears. O God that was bad. I am getting sleepy just by thinking of it.

Now, I’m not entirely clear on the process, but I’m thinking that Amelia shouldn’t be in risk of elimination tomorrow. If people spent money trying to get her in, that should mean they want her in right? She should be given a free pass this week. But anyways, that was a brilliant performance, so let’s hope she’s safe.

Final Thoughts: Gary and Louis are out of the competition, in my opinion. Tulisa has a chance of winning, but I would put my money on Kelly. I am thinking Janet’s countdown has begun, and Craig’s too. They are soooooo boring. I forgot to say this last week, but how amazing is Florence Welch? If The Voice got her, I would go there so fast people have no idea. Truly sensational!

EDIT: Kitty and Misha B found themselves on the Bottom 2. They sang for their survival, but the result was obvious before the first note. Kitty left, but not before picking the last bone, and singing Born This Way. This is clear case of awesomeness. Go Kitty! Now we’ll use Saturday nights to put the elderly to sleep, courtesy of Janet and Craig.

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  1. ThatOne

    Misha B’s sole weakness in the context of the X Factor is that she does not know how to weedle her way to a comfortable bag of votes.  She is the ultimate performing singer, who knows that people will either buy or not buy albums to listen to her and tickets to see her showwomanship, but she is unable to stoop to conquer. She is the only act this year who has never simpered while she sings, never given one of Craig’s nauseating “please love me, I’m really a cute little puppy” smiles straight down the camera, never replaced a note with an angelic puff of breath ending in a strange strangled yodel like Janet.

    I love Misha B’s art, and, again, she made the others look amateur. Until last week I thought she had everything except confident strutting dance moves to reinforce her performance, but last week and this week she has really moved, giving that Tina Turner-esque impression of leading the dancers through the sequences. So that’s a full hand then!

    Down one level from Misha, competing more than performing, the “old hands” were indeed put to shame by returnee Amelia Lily, but from that young lady to the weakest on the night, Janet, there’s very little difference.  Any of them could “win”.  However it’s the act least likely to “win” the X Factor, Misha B, who is the only one who will have a significant career. JLS came second, Rebecca came second, Misha B may well not even make the last four, but that is, or will be, irrelevant to their real world success.

    1. Silvio R

      One thing I will agree on is the fact that Misha is a “what you see is what you get” performer. Indeed, she never begged for votes, not by showing “”versatility””, not by making cute faces, not by kneeling to the machine-competition. Instead, she comes with a horn of hair, with a paper dress, or Count Dracula star-shaped suit. That to me says that she has an identity, and further reinforces my point that she doesn’t need to be in the competition.

      The thing I won’t agree with you is your inclination towards calling her an accomplished artist or performer. That, she isn’t. Until I see her actually write or perform her songs, beyond the “you made it your own” stupid line they seem to throw, until I see her carry a tune emotionally from start to end, I will not say she’s accomplished. While I will say that she’s got mad talent, actually from my first post I’ve said that, I do not put her above the others. Well, some of the others.

      The only acts I am attached to at the moment are Misha, Amelia, which I have liked from the beginning and Little Mix. Misha is Misha, Amelia is a potentially brilliant punk rocker and Little Mix are the urban act that can sing (forget Cheryl’s old band. The autotune there was off the hook). I liked Kitty, but she has no place in today’s music industry. She is full of ideas, but she should direct them towards the theatre, or opening for some successful act.

      Let’s see how it all turns out.


      1. ThatOne

        Look at Misha’s pre-XF work on YouTube.  She really does re-write songs her own way.  Her own songs are pretty good too, but she is too shy to let rip with one, and, of course, there is no place for self-written songs on XF.

        Last year I was just as confident about Rebecca as I am now about Misha.  Rebecca was never slandered by two of the judges, poor Misha has got the exclusivity on that one, but she did get derided for not writing her own material.  Well, she did, and she does, and her album has several songs written by or co-written by Rebecca Ferguson herself.  I pre-ordered Rebecca’s album in March, and people said I was nuts.  Now we are getting leaks of the material I will agree that I may be nuts, but maintain that I was right.  I expect the same negative comments when I pre-order Misha’s album, and I know I will be just as justified as I am about Rebecca.

  2. Gerard McGarry

    For my money, I quite enjoy watching Marcus perform, but is there a hope in hell for any of Gary’s acts as recording artists? I doubt it. Craig bores me to tears. To tears. But I feel more loyalty toward Janet. I had high hopes for her and being from Northern Ireland I want to support her, I just don’t think she’s been given the right creative decisions.

    I like watching Misha and Kitty, but really only in the context of The X Factor. I don’t think either will transfer beyond the show. Little Mix have all the right elements, but they need to become a lot more consistent and need better song choices.

    And of course, there’s Amelia now. Total game changer, because she’s someone I’d credit with a chance of selling records, the ultimate criteria in an X Factor winner. And she hasn’t had the personality beat out of her by the competition like Janet has.

    Who do you think will go home tonight?

    1. Silvio R

      Hi Gerard!

      I am unsure on that. I am thinking Kitty will go, but I really can’t call it. I am soo bad at predictions.

      And yes, Amelia is a game changer. She really could shake everything up, provided that she makes it the first week.

      I agree on the Little Mix and Janet issue. The choices are bad. Bad.

  3. ThatOne

    Misha is now at the point which enabled Chris Daughtry to launch a great career on the back of his participation in American Idol. If Chris can become a successful performer from coming sixth, so will Misha if she leaves X Factor before the final.  Sadly I think Misha will not make the final four; she is a singer for adults, X Factor voting is an activity dominated by children of all ages.

    Soon we will see if Kelly will stick to her word and look after Misha come what may.  There are no examples of Kelly not keeping her word; she is respected in the US music for her frank sincerity and reliablility.  Whoever signs Misha will make millions, possibly more in the US than here, and I cannot see that opportunity going to waste.

    A medley of thoughts: Why did Kitty wait until the sing-off before she let rip like that? Kitty or Misha would have laminated Janet, Craig or Little Mix in a sing-off like that one. Can Janet actually sing, since whispering to music and yodel-croaking are not singing? I have never heard any other singer from the Emerald Isle with such a comically exaggerated “accent” as Janet’s, and it will not fool people for much longer.  Craig “sings” exactly like any other stage school pupil who has covered the “singing” part of the course.  Marcus will need a bigger voice to stand the comparison with Will Young, but he’s probably just as creative. My coffee is getting cold.

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