Rebecca Ferguson’s soulful vocal earns her a place at X Factor Boot Camp

In the video footage before her [[The X Factor 2010|X Factor]] audition, Liverpuddlian Rebecca Ferguson cries and tells us how having a child destroyed her dreams of a singing career. And wrecked her self-confidence. In addition to being a mother, we discover that Rebecca is also studying law at college.

She sings the Otis Redding classic A Change Is Gonna Come. Rebecca’s got a smoky, jazzy sound to her voice that’s nice, but I think she was affected by nerves, because she barely looked up during the whole audition. Still, she looked gorgeous in a classy black dress. Quite a stark contrast to the quite trashy Chloe Mafia.

Nicole tells her “Your voice really moves me, and I love to listen to you. I think it’s OK to be vulnerable in your music, but you still have to connect to the people you’re singing to. So just keep that in mind. Simon Cowell tells her “The problem is that you go into your own little world where you’re singing to yourself. And we’re trying to catch up with you the whole time which means you’re not making it as emotional as you need to. I think that’s a confidence issue.”

Louis Walsh doesn’t offer a comment, but he votes in favour of Rebecca. Nicole and Simon follow suit, sending her through to Boot Camp.

I liked her. There’s something in her shyness that reminds me of Leona Lewis. I’m just not totally sold on her vocal style, but if we write that down to audition nerves, there might be better yet to come. What did you think, Shout readers?

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