Recommended: Sambassadeur’s third album, European

Let me introduce you to Sambassadeur, a Swedish four-piece who (from what I hear) began as a “DIY version of ABBA” back in 2003.

Whatever those early ambitions might have been, in 2010, Sambassadeur have a style that’s more Belle And Sebastian than Dancing Queen. Stranded, the opening track from their third album, instantly recalls that dreamy, otherworldly effect that Belle And Sebastian created with Act Of The Apostle from The Life Pursuit album a couple of years back.

The rest of the nine-track album carries on in a similar style – sweeping symphonic strings are married to delightfully prominent bass guitar grooves. Lead singer Anna Persson lends a rich and relaxed vocal to each song, which makes European a very mellow album to listen to, even on the more uptempo tracks.

Two years in the making, the blurb boasts that this is the album which will expose Sabmassadeur’s true talent to the world. And that’s not all hype, either. European is a beautifully put-together album that’s consistently melodic and charming from start to finish. It slots in neatly alongside The Life Pursuit, and rightly so. Both are albums that you can pull out every now and again and let the music help you unwind. I love this stuff for just dimming the lights, chilling out with a glass of wine and letting the music mellow me out.

The album is released on 24 Februaru 2010, and you can find out how to pre-order by visiting their MySpace page. Go over there, listen to a few tunes and support this great band!

Listen to the lead single from the album, Days, right here:

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