Red Or Black- Is It Working?

Red or Black began last year, offering the chance to win a million pounds just by answering a series of questions with either Red or Black. The first series unfortunately wasn’t very popular after a complicated format. However, the series has returned with a second series which hopefully will do better than the first and offer compelling viewing.

Normally anything with Ant and Dec works brilliantly but unfortunately Simon Cowell’s show didn’t work well the first time. The format for the first series included hundreds of people watching activities and deciding whether to go with red or black. The people slowly got eliminated until there was a final eight. These 8 would compete in the live studio until a final 2 would get to the ‘duel round’ where they would choose pieces of a puzzle and their chosen colour would have to come up. The final person would then win the change to win a million pounds by choosing which colour the ball would land on in the roulette. Four people won the huge million pounds but unfortunately scandal was to be had after the first winner was announced to have a criminal record.

After deciding that the prize was too much and also the format was too complicated, the series has come back very different. Instead of hundreds of random people competiting, we now have only eight people. This is better as ITV can check out these people before they are on the show and you won’t end up with people who are not deserving of the money winning. The show is at the studio from the start but it is not live anymore.  Last night eight people were welcomed to the show and we learnt a bit about each of them. The first game saw two footballers attempting to shoot the targets. The contestants chose red or black and the winners got a point each. Other games included the contestants watching famous dancer Derek Hough and Peta Murgatroyd dancing and picking up roses and they were asked questions about the dance. Another game involved a gymnast and a circus performer attempting to get to the end of an obstacle course first. Two then got booted off with the lowest points and to decide the final four, they had to take part in a button game to reach the closest to 100. We then had our final four who then went on to the final game. Little Mix sang to gain some more viewers and bring some light relief to the show. After they performed, they were asked a question and the two quickest were Chris and Gemma. They then took part in ‘Duel’ which was from the first series. Chris won the game and went to the final where he decided to choose Black. He had to shoot a ball into the vortex and it had to land on Black. The ball was so close and I couldn’t believe when they said he had lost. Thankfully, the producers looked back on it and decided he had managed to do it, so him and his wife and cute newborn son did won 500,000.

I think Red or Black is much better this way and I enjoyed the series much better than the first one. I hope this series does much better now the formula is less complicated.




  1. Gerard McGarry

    I’m not a big gameshow fan anyway, but I always felt Red Or Black was overhyped to death before that first series. Typical ITV/Simon Cowell storm of publicity, then people seemed to be confused by it. 

    Certainly, it seems people are responding better to Red Or Black this year. I just don’t know if I could bring myself to watch an episode of it. Would you say it’s better or worse than Ant & Decs Saturday Night Takeaway, Jo?

  2. JoPalmer

    I still prefer Saturday Night Takeaway, it’s a lot more fun and better for all the family. I am looking forward to it’s return in 2013.


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