Review: Belle & Sebastian – The Life Pursuit

I’ve wanted to shout about this Belle & Sebastian album for months – it’s nothing short of fantastic! The Life Pursuit got serious airplay a few months back, especially around the release of Funny Little Frog.

The Life Pursuit seemingly ignores the past twenty-odd years of music, setting it’s course on a 70’s glam vibe. Some reviewers are likening the album’s sonic approach to T-Rex and Glitter Band. When I first heard The Life Pursuit, my first comparisons were to Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie. It’s almost as if the 80’s didn’t happen!

How much did I know about Belle & Sebastian before this album? Nothing. They came out of nowhere and suddenly they’re the most hyped-up band in the world (at the moment). Actually, this is their seventh studio album and they seem to be seasoned veterans of the gig circuit.

In a nutshell, The Life Pursuit is delicious. The Life Pursuit drips with honeyed harmonies and infectious melodies from start to finish.

Act Of The Apostle kicks off the album, a bouncy and retro-poppy tune sung by Sarah Martin. This sets you up for a series of classic-sounding songs. And by classic sounding, I mean you’d swear you’ve known them for years. Another Sunny Day, White Collar Boy, all beautiful material, musically upbeat. Everything is clean sounding and up-tempo, and you come away with your feet tapping and a wide grin on your face.

With the exception of the (very) odd turkey, Belle & Sebastian deliver the goods on this album, with memorable lyrics and singalong choruses galore. The songs sound fresh and fun, despite the retro vibe they give off.

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