Review – KT Tunstall: Tiger Suit

A blinding return to form by the Scottish songstress herself. Gone are the days of pigeon-holed folky-pop-rock that burdened her last effort, the dramatically under-stated ‘Drastic Fantastic’ and in it’s place, an understated but nonetheless valiant leap forward into uncharted territory.

With the release of Tiger Suit, KT embraces the all to current synth ifluenced dance music that has reigned over the global music scene since Lady Gaga came plummeting to Earth in a burning, glittering meteorite. The dance beats run throughout the little-under 45 minute album but, with possibly the most innovative twist seen in the sudden explosion of synth – KT has managed to “marry dance beats with real, raw rootsy sounds”. The accomplishment of maintaining the charisma of her boot-heel that rocketed her to fame in 2005 whilst finding growth for herself as an artist has been justly rewarded – Tiger Suit reaching top 5 in both England and Scotland.

The most evident progression, sonically, is ‘Madame Trudeaux’ – A raucous little number that sees KT embracing a relatively comatosed side to both her voice and her personality. The Linda Perry co-written track indicates a truly inventive aspect to KT’s artistry, providing her ravenous fans with quite the flash-bang needed to capture the attention of the all too fickle audience of the 21st Century.

The capability of KT as a recurrently up-to-date singer/songwriter is unquestionnable – especially considering the enormous diversity of music on offer in just a single effort. The stoking, tribalized “Uumannaq Song” sees a return to the good ol’ days of KT’s thumping out the beat on the floor with a beautifully melodic twist that brings it up bang-up-to-date.

The sentimental ‘(Still a) Weirdo’ sees KT at her finest – a guitar strumming marooning that never becomes uncomfortable, whilst upkeeping with the premiseand sound of the album. The mechanized beatboxing adds a spark to the song that would have been, frankly quit ordinary otherwise.

All-in-all, Tiger Suit cannot be quantified as the glittering return to form that fans had been desperate for. However, the album signifies a tremendouc running-leap into uncharted territory (personally and musically). The outpourings on the album (you’ll have to look hard but they are certainly there) make the album more significant and more than current. A necessary addition to any collection – let’s just hope she can keep it up!

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