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Switch is a brand new show on ITV 2 about a group of witches who live together in Camden.  The girls have to try and deal with jobs, boys and family as well as being modern day witches living in a busy city.

I wasn’t sure who the programme was aiming for when I saw the original adverts for the show but decided to give it a go as I like Lacey Turner.  The adverts reminded me of one of those witches programmes when you were little that they showed on BBC. The first few minutes of the first show also seemed like it might be for kids. However, it is not for kids at all (featuring lots of adult content and some swearing) and is a really fun show.

 Lacey Turner plays Stella, the one who tries to support them all with her job. She is more sensible than the others and business minded but she can be quite fun. The first episode saw her job in danger after first killing her boss’s cat by accidently putting it in the microwave (yes a bit silly but thankfully not graphic, the cat looked so unrealistic that it was okay!). Managing to get the coven together to do a spell to bring it back from the dead all was okay until after feeling used, she tried to stand up to her boss however she managed to  upset her rude boss and managed to get the sack.  The witches performed a spell to make her lose her memory for a couple of hours so that Stella would still have a job but unfortunately she lost her memory up to when she was in her teen years. After finally saying what she thought, her boss came back and thankfully has been quite nice to Stella since. We found out that Stella hadn’t had a girlfriend in a while so It looks like the next episode will focus on her crazy ex coming back to the show wanting her back. I think Stella is a great character and Lacey is doing a great job .

Hannah played by Hannah Tointon (the sister of Kara who won Strictly and also was on Eastenders) is the most carefree of the group and loves travelling. Whether she will actually stay with her coven is another thing. In the first episode we saw her going off for another adventure only coming back to help Stella with her boss issue. When Hannah realised how much the girls were missing her, she finally decided that she might stick around. Last episode after Stella gave her a bit of a hard time for not doing anything, she decided to try and get a job. She was doing really well at an interview at Stella’s company but then the witches of Kensington cast a spell on her and she messed it up by shouting and then grabbing the guy! When she helped out the neighbour looking after the kids (even though 1 nearly died!) she got some money which she was happy about! Whether she will actually find another job is questionable but hopefully she will stick around.

Jude played by Nina Toussaint-White is a very bubbly character who seems to love men and not working very hard. She works in a fashion shop and we can see from the start that she hates working there really. In the first episode, the coven cast a spell so that Jude can wear a special necklace which will help her win her colleague’s heart. It works and they end up in bed together (a few times!) but when he tells her he’s actually gay she is devastated. In the second episode, after nearly losing her job after being rude to the customers, she casts a spell to keep her job. The boss quits and new guy Gerry comes in who Jude fancies but he is useless at the job and spends most of the time out the back smoking drugs. When he gets the sack Jude gets promoted to manager but it looks like next week might be tricky after all she hasn’t been a manager before.

Grace played by Phoebe Fox is quite an interesting character. After originally setting up the coven, she is the one who wants to keep them altogether. She is the youngest and is still trying to settle into Camden. Her mum came to visit her in the first episode and its obvious she gets a lot of pressure to be a witch rather than live a normal life. After telling her mum she needs to live her life, her mum went home and she got to live an independent life. She met a cute guy in the first episode but in the second episode the date didn’t go well as he seemed pretty crazy. She was quite taken with Gerry and I think they might get together in the next episode. It will be interesting to see how she develops and I hope she gets some romance and isn’t a pushover in all the episodes.

The witches of Kensington are interesting and I’m looking forward to seeing them try and beat the witches of Camden. Their accents are quite annoying but I think it’s good to have another group of witches to make it more realistic.

I think the programme is very different and is a cool programme for young adults with a plot that hasn’t really been done before. The four girls are very likeable and natural and will connect with the audience. I’m looking forward to seeing all the different spells they could do. The setting in Camden is great as I love the area and I think that it fits well with the story. I hope they get a second series as it’s a lot of fun and has made me jealous of their powers!


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