Review Of The Voice: Battle Round 1!

After 4 weeks of blind auditions, each coach had settled on 10 brilliant acts who they believed had the ‘Voice’. Last night we saw these acts perform their hearts out in a number of battle duets. Was it worth a watch?

Jessie J, Tom Jones, Danny Donoghue and are the four coaches on the Voice and have been taking part in blind auditions to find their perfect 10 acts. After last week’s emotional episode where everyone completed their team, this week showed the acts having to battle it out to get into the final 5. Last night we saw 10 brilliant duets and every single person did have an amazing singing voice.

The famous chairs were the right way this time facing the stage which was fitted out with a ring for the singers to perform in. Holly and Reggie finally got a starring role in which they announced the performers and spoke to them after the battles.  Here’s how the acts got on:’s Team

Joelle vs Jenny- Joelle Wins. The feisty Joelle soon was trying to outshone Jenny in rehearsals with having to tell her to tone her voice down so poor Jenny would be heard. When they came into the ring, Joelle upped her game and was pretty good. Jenny also has an amazing voice and actually I preferred her voice to Joelle. The judges then got a moment to discuss the singers and are all through of praise for the acts. I think I heard Reggie say ‘What a hard decision’ about ten times during the show. Will.iam decided to take through Joelle. I’m not sure how popular she will be with the public, she seems a bit over confident but her voice is good.

Heshima vs Tyler- Tyler wins. When decided to get the pair to sing Chris Brown’s Yeah x3, the singers both looked down in the dumps. When he questioned why they was disappointed, Tyler did come out with a good answer and decided to work hard. However, it was a bit awkward with Heshima as he came out with some strange comments like ‘I’m not a child’ and also when asked him how he could improve he just stared at him like he wanted to kill him! To be fair, they both did a good job out of the song but I did think Tyler was the right one to get through.

Jay vs Jaz- Jax wins. This was one of my favourite duets of the night. I think that after last week’s blind audition of Jaz, it was quite clear he was likely to go through in the duet. Both of the guy’s have terrific voices though and it was an interesting battle. Poor Jaz was also suffering with a chest infection so he wasn’t at his best but he sounded amazing still. I still like Jay though and hope he does well in the future.

Jessie J’s Team

Toni vs Kristen- Toni wins. Both acts were brilliant female singers and I loved their version of Think. It sounded modern and showed off their brillant vocal range. I think that Toni definitely has more passion when she sings and is easily likeable. Kristen also has an amazing voice but Jessie J ultimately decided to take through Toni. I hope she does well as her personality shines through and her voice is really good.

Vince vs Jessica -Vince wins. I was disappointed that these two were put together as I really liked their auditions and would of liked to see them both in the live finals. They sang a very unique version of ‘We found love’ and I loved both of their voices. Jessica was easily likable and had a very powerful voice. But I think Vince just had the edge and has an astonishing vocal range. Jessie ultimately chose him but gave huge praise to Jessica too. I think he’s one to watch in this competition.

Danny’s Team

Max vs Bill- Max won. They were the first acts to perform for Danny. I really enjoyed their duet of Beggin, which suited both of their voices. I could see where Danny was coming from as they both were similar and had the same kind of style in their voices. I preferred Bill’s vocal as his tone is nicer but Max was good. He came over quite confident though and owned the ring more. He decided to take Max through in the end.

Bo vs Vince- Bo wins. Bo seemed to shy away in rehearsals due to Vince’s huge vocal. When Danny asked Vince to tune it down a bit, I don’t think he was very happy about it. Their performance was good though and I loved their version of With or Without You. Bo’s voice is very unique and reminded me a bit of Diana Vickers’ voice. I was pleased that Bo got through although Vince didn’t seem very happy, not going over to shake Danny’s hand.

Tom Jones team

Sam vs Aundrea- Sam wins. This was once again one of my favourite performances of the night. They put on a show and they both are terrific singers. The quirky Sam is one to watch after showing off his vocals and dancing around the ring. I also loved Aundrea but if I had to choose I would have gone with Sam too as my eyes kept going back to him. Tom Jones loved them both but chose Sam.

Ruth vs Deniece- Ruth wins. The rehersels definitely showed how confident Deniece was and even she said she wasn’t worried. I didn’t know if this was being arrogant or just that she believed in herself. Ruth got emotional after some lyrics reminded her of her father and you could see this in her performance. She simply wowed in her performance and her vocals were amazing. I did like Deniece but I think Ruth is simply a breath of fresh air. Tom got emotional too as he chose Ruth.

So the battle rounds are certaintly different and unique. Whereas on X factor they build up the stories and you spend more time getting to know the people, on the Voice it’s really all based on the voice and you have to make your mind up based on that. I think it’s good in a way to have them choose at the time, it doesn’t let them over think it really. The bad points is it doesn’t really build up any drama and also I think that it does make the acts quite unforgettable. At this stage of the X factor you know the singers quite well, but even after watching the show last night I couldn’t remember the names of the singers who went through and had to have a long think who was left in.

Tonight should be interesting with more great singers to take the stage such as the feisty J Marie Cooper, quirky Kate Read and girl group Indie and Pixie!





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