Rhythmix Ragers’ novel fundraising Competition

The group that raised over £100,000 for Shelter in 2009  has come up with a novel way to help another charity through a guess the baby contest. Raging for Rhythmix was set up after the charity, which helps disadvantaged youngsters through music, discovered that its name had been taken by a girl group competing in this year’s X Factor. Worse still, Simco, the official body behind the show had applied for a European trademark on the name which would severely curtail the charity’s work.

After seeking legal advice the charity sent an open letter to Simon Cowell acknowledging his own charitable work with children and requesting that he intervene to settle the matter. Whether he did or not is unknown, but the show’s bosses announced shortly after that the girls would be renamed Little Mix.

Rhythmix the charity appreciates the gesture, and wishes Little Mix all success, but even when cases like this don’t come to court, hefty legal fees tend to be incurred. It would be nice to think Simco would help out with this, but if not, this has serious implications for future projects, so a donations page at JustGiving.com was set up to try to recover the costs and a special contest will run there and on Facebook.

The contest is a novel one, remeniscent of church fetes and summer school fairs where there was always a ‘guess the weight of the cake’ stall. This, though, is a little more special and less predictable. Terri Foster-Guy is expecting a baby. The official due date is the 9th of November, but we all know that babies aren’t especially punctual so the public is invited to guess the birth date and weight of the baby and win £15. To enter you simply donate £2 to the charity via the Raging for Rhythmix page and leave your guess in a message either there or on their facebook event page. Any money not spent on the legal fees will go directly back into funding projects music for youngsters.

Go on, have a go… you know you want to. www.justgiving.com/RagingForRhythmix

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