Rihanna – California King Bed – Single review

What makes Rihanna the perfect pop star? Is it the knockout combination of smoking hot body and sultry exotic looks? Is it her voice? Is it her personality?

For me, what makes Rihanna such an excellent pop star is her diversity. She seems to effortlessly turn her hand to every sub-genre of pop you can think of. She’s ran with the hip-hop crowd: Jay-Z, Eminem and Drake. But she’s also turned her hand to pop-rock stylings along the way.

And even though she’s worked with guitar legends Slash and Nuno Bettencourt, California King Bed was unexpected. It’s a power ballad. You can’t convince me otherwise. Nice acoustic start building up to an impressive vocal crescendo and a guitar solo?

While the Bajan stunner’s vocals are impressive on this track, the song itself feels a little forgettable in the verses. It’s really only when the chorus kicks in that the real power is delivered. 

The video is seductively shot, giving Rihanna fans long lingering glances at all the attractive flesh on display. That (as you can see from our lead photo above) is not a complaint. Certainly with most of the videos Rihanna has released during her Loud era, have focused exclusively on her looking undeniably sexy. It’s a formula that works, obviously.

As for the song, California King Bed adds another feather to Rihanna’s musical cap, but it probably isn’t going to be one of the high-water marks of her career. In the last year we’ve had incredibly strong offerings in the form of Only Girl, What’s My Name and even the David Guetta collaboration Who’s That Chick has grown on me. It’s a strong single, but I think I prefer my Rhirhi more uptempo and with more sass.

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