Rihanna to put on a raunchy performance at the Brits

Rihanna has revealed that she is planning on putting on one of her raunchiest performances ever at next week’s Brit Awards. This comes shortly after all the controversy over her new ”S&M” single which has even had it’s named changed for radio play to ”Come On” because of the scenes in the videos and the words used by her in the lyrics.

The star is set to perform at Tuesday nights yearly ceremony at London O2 Arean which is one of the biggest events on the music calendar. Reports suggest that the performance will shock audiences. If you ask me, I cant wait after the performance she did on the last years X Factor despite the 4000 complaints it received. Still Amazing!

Rihanna is also nominated for a an award at the Brits as part of the ”International Female Artist” category. 

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