Rihanna – Te Amo – Single and video review

[[Rihanna]] returns with a moody flamenco-tinged new single, one which sees her singing a ballad to another lady! Gasp!

How unusual for a massive name in R&B and pop to come out with a song that raises a stack of questions about her sexuality. And since Rihanna’s sexuality has kind of been thrust in our faces throughout the release cycle of this current album, lesbianism was really the only other level left to take it to.

But while you’re still sitting there asking is she, isn’t she, there’s still a single to review.

Certainly one of the most easy to listen to songs of Rihanna’s recent singles releases, Te Amo has a gentle, sultry atmosphere, a sexy Latin vibe that she effortlessly smoulders her way through. Though it’s an enjoyable track, Te Amo doesn’t strike me as particularly memorable.

I have it on good authority that the lady Rihanna is happily writhing around with in the video is the French supermodel Laetitia Casta. Not to be rude (boy), but she’s a bit old for you Ri, Miss Casta is ten years your senior. The thing is, Casta burns up the screen, while Rihanna continues to play out this horrific, butch look. Regular readers know I like women to look…like women.

The video will probably better be remembered for having that girl-on-girl stuff. Like, grinding against a toned-up Latino man is sooo last year. On the other hand, the sexual sensationalism is also wearing a little thin – a theme we’ve talked about quite a bit here on Shout.

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