River Song is Rose Tyler.

River Song, the mysterious character introduced to us in Series 4 of the Doctor Who television series has been analysed from every angle and believed to be a number of different characters seen in the past; from the Mother of the Doctor to the Arch Enemy of The Doctor – The Master. Each of these theories is as plausible and ridiculous as all of them. However, I have my own theory of River’s identity:

  I believe the lady that has so much trust in the Doctor is none other than Rose Tyler. Yes, this may seem to be a long winded and ridiculous hypothesis but looking at all the facts around it, it does seem the most liable presumption. Here are my facts and sources that support my idea:

1. Many people have suggested that River Song is the wife of the Doctor. At first this seemed to be one of the most liable theories and the most obvious. However, many peoples attitudes towards this idea were faultered by Steven Moffat telling us “River Song’s identity will come as a shock to many, it will be someone that nobody will expect”. In a way I still believe that River Song (Rose Tyler) is the wife of the Doctor – The Alternate Human Doctor. Rose Tyler was seen to be obviously smitten with the Alternate Human Doctor at the end of ‘Journeys End’ with the feisty and passionate kiss. She loved the Doctor and I believe they would have settled down and married as the real Doctor tells her “I can’t settle down, you grow old and die. But I dont age.”

2. My first idea links directly to my second which focuses on the reasons as to why River Song “Killed a man, a good man, the best man and a hero to many”. Another shared opinion and suggestion as to who River Song kills in our furture and her past is the Doctor. Again, I agree with this view too a certain extent as I believe River Song may have killed her husband, The Alternate Human Doctor. The reasons behind this could be his extreme personality compared to our Doctor as was seen in ‘Journeys End’ when he performs “Genocide” and brutally murders every Dalek. Idea’s and memorys of being a Time Lord stuck with the Human copy which could have resulted in him putting the Alternate Universe in danger, which may have resulted in Rose Tyler/River Song having to kill him. Finally the way in which River speaks too The Doctor about the man she kills is in a remorseful apologetic way which would be due to her in a way killing a part of him.

3. My third and penultimate idea about her alternate identity as Rose Tyler can be seen in the way she speaks to The Doctor. She constantly refers to him as ‘Sweetie’ and ‘Darling’. Again linking to my first idea, this use of language could be a result of years of marriage and living with the Alternate Doctor and also this intimate relationship could be seen between Rose and The Doctor when he was travelling with her.

4. In ‘The Time of Angels’, ‘The Pandorica Opens’ and ‘The Big Bang’ we see River Song pilot the Tardis. In the first episode in which we see this, she states “I learnt from the best” of which we assumed it was the Doctor that taught her. The alternate Human Doctor could have easily given her a few tips on how to fly it, and Rose Tyler was in my opinion, smart enough to learn.

5. Also the fear seen in the Dalek in ‘The Big Bang’ when confronted by River Song could be put down to how Rose was resposible for the destruction of the thousands of Daleks in ‘The Parting of the Ways’.

6. Another piece of information gathered from the Doctors own account is of how River whispered his name and according to him “There’s only one person” who would know his name. Again the theory that River/Rose is the alternate Doctors wife could be adapted easily – maybe its a piece of old time lord tradition is to give your real name. MAYBE ‘Song’ is the last name of the Doctor which would be reason for her to have changed her name. I mean, we’ve seen The Doctor talk about music and the power of songs (OOD) before.

7. Oh. I forgot. They’re both blonde 🙂

(Sorry about any spelling mistakes, was done in a bit of a rush. Comment and hope you can take my ideas on board)

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